If you’re looking for the healthiest and most effective way to lose weight, there are literally thousands of diets and methods to reach your goal.  With so many different options on how to shed those unwanted pounds, finding just one plan can get a bit confusing.


To simplify an effective plan to lose weight, Samdeesh Puri, the owner of Divine Life Science pharmaceuticals has 24 tips to help you with your goals.


Just Get Started

Choose a day to start your diet, make yourself aware, and have everything prepared. The mood is imperative to achieve our purpose, it is not a good idea to go on a diet when we have a problem at work, emotional, stress, exam time, etc


Set Goals

Set yourself a reasonable goal, weight according to your sex, age, size, and a complexion that is considered healthy, that is the most important thing, and with the one that you feel good, be realistic, it will be easier for you to achieve than an “ideal weight ”, Each person is different, and who better than you to know you.


Get Professional Help

If you have to lose a lot of weight, don’t hesitate, put yourself in the hands of a professional, who will assess your health and develop a specific diet for you. In addition, the periodic controls that you will carry out will contribute to your success with your diet.


A Varied Diet

Eat everything, do not rule out any food group, we need them all (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) and every day. There are no miracle diets, do not opt ​​for those fast diets, that although you can lose a lot in a short time, be sure that you will recover it quickly, and if you prolong this type of diet you put your health at risk, they are always lacking some essential nutrient, they cause constipation, they are usually monotonous, boring and frustrating, they cause exhaustion and a high level of abandonment.


Physical Activity

Walking, swimming, cycling, 1 hour, 3 times a week minimum. If it is impossible, due to lack of time, force yourself to exercise in your day to day, go to work walking or by bicycle, avoid elevators, take advantage of the weekends to do sports, play with the children …


Stay Hydrated

Hydrate yourself: drink plenty of water, at least 1.5 L a day. If you are not capable, try the infusions, hot or cold are perfect for this purpose.


Stay Away from Alcohol

While you are on a diet, forget about the alcohol, it provides a lot of empty calories (without usable nutrients) and sugary soft drinks. If you meet friends for a drink, and you don’t feel like asking for water, you have multiple alternatives: tomato juice, ideal for an aperitif, infusions,  0% sugar soft drinks, or non-alcoholic beer (without abusing the latter two due to their gaseous content).


Cook with Minimum Fat

Cook with the minimum amount of fat possible: steamed, baked, grilled. Steamed vegetables do not lose their vitamins and enhance the flavor. Papillote fish do not need oil, grilled meats, boiled, soft-boiled or poached eggs.



keto diet

Choose Good Quality Food

Seasonal products guarantee the best taste and quality.

    • Meats with less fat: poultry without skin, rabbit, and beef. Avoid pork, lamb, and cold cuts.
    • The fish: all.
    • Vegetables: all, highlighting: chard, lettuce, spinach, cucumber, and asparagus, which due to their low caloric content can be taken at will.
    • Fruits – contain fast-absorbing sugars, although essential in the diet we should not abuse them, the least caloric is melon and watermelon and the most caloric grapes and banana.
    • Milk and dairy products, better skimmed.


Reduce the consumption of fat

Eliminate butter, cream, and sauces. For cooking and for dressing salads, she uses extra virgin olive oil.  In total 2 tablespoons a day maximum.


Savor the Moments

Enjoy the moment of the meal, calmly, set the table, serve on your plate what you are going to eat, neither more nor less.   It is better not to put trays with food on the table, avoid the temptation to nibble. Sit down to eat, and nothing else, no TV, no reading that distracts you, chew slowly, the brain needs up to 20 minutes to perceive the feeling of satiety.


Use Smaller Plates

It is a good idea to eat on a dessert plate, fool your mind: “the plate is full”.


Don’t Shop When Hungry

Do the shopping always with a full stomach, you will avoid falling into temptations and buying inappropriate things.


Meal Planning

Plan your menus in advance, and cook the right amount that you are going to eat.


Stay Disciplined

Be strict, do not skip the diet, not even on Sunday, at least during the first month, the end deserves your effort. There will be time for some whim when we achieve our goal.


Smart Carbs

Do not make the mistake of doing without all carbohydrates: bread, rice, pasta … opt for whole grains, this type of food should predominate in the total of daily calories, they provide the necessary energy for our muscles and for our brain. If we do without them, we will find ourselves tired, fatigued, blood pressure can drop too low, and suffer from lipothymia, in addition to not feeling satiated and at risk of significant abandonment.


Eat Lots of Fiber

Regulates intestinal transit, lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, and increases the feeling of satiety.


Eat Breakfast

Breakfast is the most necessary meal of the day, don’t skip it.


Eat Light

Dinner must always be light because it’s harder to digest food when you go to bed at night.


Take a Walk

If you can: do some physical activity after meals, such as taking a walk.


Stop Eating Sugar

Change sugar for sweetener: saccharin with few calories but slightly bitter. Aspartame, with a taste more similar to sugar, and negligible caloric value, should not be used for cooking. It loses its sweetening power at 120ºC. Stevia is the natural alternative, with 0 calories, and it can be used in cooking.


Weigh-in Once a Week

Don’t be obsessed with weight control: weighing yourself once a week is enough.   Better on an empty stomach, without clothes, and after having used the bathroom.


Medicinal Plants

Trust the medicinal plants that are very useful in weight control diets.

    • There are many plants that can help us, some of the most popular are the following:
      • Horsetail, dandelion, and orthosiphon, as purifying and draining, with caution, can cause hypotension and electrolyte imbalance, due to their strong diuretic power,  they should not be taken for long periods of time.
      • Sen (cassia Angustifolia) for occasional constipation, only occasionally when we have the problem, should not be taken continuously, due to the risk of habituation.
      • Fucus (fucus vesiculosus) is very useful, in addition to regulating intestinal transit, it provides us with amounts of vitamins and minerals that we may not cover with the diet, and it helps metabolize fats.
      • Glucomannan and gum are useful as satiants, taken before meals.
      • The Plantago ovate, very rich in fiber, useful as a satiating agent and for constipation, also reduces the intestinal absorption of fats and sugars.
      • Green tea, a true ally in the diet, due to its fat-burning, a diuretic, antioxidant, inhibitor of fat and sugar absorption, and stimulant.



A little help: Health products, sold in a pharmacy, captures fat, carbohydrate blockers, appetite reducers, they are useful, of course, but not miraculous. They are all based mainly on the power of fiber, increasingly improved, which prevents our body from taking advantage of part of the fats and/or sugars that we ingest with food, or that swell in the stomach causing us to feel full and improve intestinal transit. These increasingly studied products are proven effective, always accompanied by diet and exercise.





                                                   Author Bio

Samdeesh Puri –  Samdeesh is the owner of Divine Life Science, Divine Life Science is a pharmaceutical company that produces a herbal uterine tonic for women’s health.

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