I sat down for a conversation about Cutty Sark’s Prohibition Edition with Brand Ambassador Nicola Riske on her recent visit in Austin. We met for some wonderful Freedman’s BBQ to discuss whiskey. What makes Cutty Pro different from the Cutty Sark Whisky? Well for one, it’s a limited edition blend honoring Captain William McCoy, whom during the prohibition era, importing only the best and people affectionately began calling it the Real McCoy.


Released 90 years after the end of prohibition, this blend comes in a black bottle with a cork seal, reflecting back to it’s origins. That’s the second thing you’ll notice different about it. The other difference is that the audience is a younger crowd. Millennials are rediscovering this whisky and recognizing the brand from their grandparents cocktails. It’s nostalgic yet new to them.


Being a vodka girl, I asked Nicola what her advice would be to someone wanting to learn how to drink whisky. “Don’t let them tell you how to drink it” Her advice is to explore it.  Here’s some tips I learned:

“Smile when you smell it. It opens up the ability for you to really get the nose of the whisky.”

“Take a small sip and hold it on your tongue. Then swirl it, bite it to let it flow across your palate before swallowing it.”


Tasting Notes

Creamy, peppery with almost a sweet, light finish.

Cocktail Suggestions

Personally, I’m enjoying it with some Green Tea and an orange slice. Our bartender created the ‘Old Man MacKinnon’ featuring Cutty Sark Prohibition, Cointreau Noir, Lavender and Grapefruit Bitters.


Pairing Suggestions

This cocktail went exceptionally well with the barbecue. The peppery flavors of both the meat and Cutty Sark Pro worked together that made an enjoyable meal.

Pair with Freedman's BBQ

Pair with Freedman’s BBQ


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