Sammataro is a new pizzeria now open in the Lost Creek neighborhood of Austin, Texas. The pizza pays homage to New York’s thin, chewy crust while focusing on a handful of quality, responsibly sourced toppings. Each wood-fired pie starts with a 48-hour fermented dough and Bianco Di Napoli tomatoes, then gets finished off with a generous grating of gouda and whole fresh basil leaves. 


Sammataro is the brainchild of native Texan and hospitality veteran, Issac Flores, of Western Grace Brandy and Dick & Jane’s (Brooklyn, NY).  After 8 years of living and soaking up experiences in New York City, Flores returned to Austin. “I came back with a desire to create a space that would allow me to fully express my love for community and hospitality with something quintessentially New York:” Flores says of his homecoming, “the perfect pizza pie.” 


The Sammataro team, who all met in New York City, aims to honor some of their favorite Northeastern pizza joints (Lucali, Pizzeria Beddia, Regina Pizzeria) with a hyper-focus on craft and specialty ingredients in hopes of bringing something new, yet familiar to Austin.  Some toppings, like their all-natural pepperoni and aged gouda, had not even made their way to Texas restaurants until now. After months of R&D and dozens of pies later, the Sammataro pizza made its debut as a donation-based pop-up out of a friend’s East Side driveway. Alongside the original pop-up offerings of pepperoni and cheese pizzas, the toppings at Sammataro’s second debut at its permanent home in Lost Creek will extend to include: Calabrian chilies, Italian olives, Spanish anchovies, Smallhold mushrooms, and local shallots.  


“Traditional and classic” describes the essence of Sammataro in food and aesthetic. Designer and Sammataro co-owner Kelsey Hutchins transformed the 24’ long trailer into space that seemed more rooted than mobile.  A peek through their ordering window and you’re transported into the kitchen of an old school trattoria.  A warm, low light shines on thoughtful design accents like a vintage pizza peel, brass fixtures, and a framed photograph of Hutchins’ great grandfather and namesake, Gioacchino Sammataro. A built-in bench hugs the outside of the trailer, with cafe tables and custom picnic tables on their way. 





Sammataro is now open from Wednesday – Saturday, 3pm to 9pm at its debut location at 1158 Lost Creek Boulevard, Austin, Texas 78746.  Pies can either be pre-ordered online (, or will be made on a first-come, first-serve basis. Takeout is suggested during this time, but there are built-in seating areas available. Announcements and updates can be found on the company’s Instagram account:


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