If you haven’t eaten in Mazatlán, you haven’t been to Mexico,


I am prone to hyperbole. But I’m standing by this one, especially when it comes to all things food. Here’s the thing about Mazatlán, tourism is not it’s number one industry – and that’s a good thing. I love going to Mexico, and, what I love most, is immersing myself in the culture, the people, the dance and music and history. And, of course, the food. All of it.  But when an area is tourism first, the local color can get pushed so far back that it can be extra hard to find. Not the case in Mazatlán.


The Culinary Scene

I have been to Mexico many times, but I have never felt more at home – or more like I was really in Mexico, then when I was in Mazatlán. The people. The natural untouched beauty of the mangroves and quiet beaches. And, closest to my heart, of course, the food. I feel like I ate it all while I was there. Here’s a peek inside of all things food in Mazatlán. https://gomazatlan.com/.

In Mazatlán, is fishing first. Tuna and shrimp are so abundant that a big – and I mean big – plate of shrimp and fish ceviche is five bucks not oceanfront, but literally toes in the sand, on the beach. And the ceviche, like all of the food there that I had on a recent visit was outstanding. Truly outstanding, from Hector’s Bistro in the historic district to the tiniest bar beneath the malecon to – believe it or not – the oceanfront dining at the friendliest all-inclusive this traveler has ever experienced.



In Mazatlán, the all-inclusive hotel dining at El Cid El Moro Beach Hotel is a step above what I’ve experienced in most cities across the world. From their beachside ceviche to their surprise turn down treats to their garlic shrimp to their made-to-order omelets complete with homemade machaca, the food is spot on. Only trouble is you’ll have a hard time not spending every minute eating since even room service is part of the deal at El Cid El Moro. Plus, you can dine and play at all four of the El Cid properties when you stay at one. Side Note – Get a massage at the Marina property for sure. Wow!  https://www.elcid.com/el-cid-el-moro-resort-mazatlan.


One afternoon, I wandered the city looking for foodie surprises and I definitely found them. My two faves were this ceviche which I found at basically a stand beneath the malecon actually on the beach. It was ship, fish, and octopus, and the entire bowl was less than $5.00. My other pick of the day are these street tacos that were just a $1.00 a piece and served right out of the back of a beat up truck. Doesn’t get anymore local – or delicious – than that.


One of the highlights of my trip was an insider fooide tour with Paola Osuna of TOMATL Mexican Culinary Experiences. www.tomatl.mx Our tour stops included Restaurant Al Chile, where we had a chilorio taco and a sweet corn tamal; Doña Mary, where we had Caguamanta stew made of stingray (as cooking turtle is no longer legal); Mariscos El Toro, where we had Aguachile, Ceviche de Sierra, and Macarel Salad; Cervecería Pacifico, where we had cerveza Pacifico (of course!); La Palapa de Efren (just above the famous shrimp ladies who are at the same spot every day selling masses of shrimp) where we had Taco Gobernador; Mercado Pino Suárez (the seafood market), where we had Marlin and Shrimp Pate; and El Tunnel where we had Enchiladas Sinaloa Style. Every bite was delicious and surprising and wildly fresh. I seriously could have happily followed Paola around for days eating whatever she recommended!


On King David’s Jungle Tour, you’ll take a cruise across the sea and through the mangroves to the most gorgeous secluded beach. When you arrive, you’ll be served the freshest, homemade ceviche you’ve ever had the pleasure of eating. One bite is worth the price of admission. Trust me. And the tour itself is a blast. And, with any luck, the guide’s favorite pelican, Lady Gaga, will join the trip on the boat’s rooftop! https://www.kingdavid.com.mx/