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When Texas summers last for 8 months of the year, having a guide to Austin’s best ice cream shops in your back pocket will always come in handy when you need a sweet and tasty treat to cool off.

Whether you’re looking for a build-your-own spot that features frozen yogurt or the classic scoops on a cone, there are plenty of places in the capitol city to visit. Here’s our guide to finding the best ice cream shops in Austin. 



Lick Honest Ice Creams

Three locations in AustinOpened in 2011, LICK Honest Ice Creams are crafted with seasonal ingredients sourced responsibly by several local farmer and artisans who are all committed to sustainability.  Crafting everything from scratch, including the cakes, cookies, and sauces, to the syrup and marshmallows, the team at LICK churns every pint and batch of ice cream to serve up the freshest, most honest ice creams in Austin.  (Photo Credit: LICK Facebook)


ACL Eats Amy's

Amy’s Ice Cream

Multiple locations in Austin | Amy’s Ice Creams is one of Austin’s oldest and most original creameries, slinging out their original, super-premium recipes since 1985.  With originals like their famous handmade Mexican Vanilla ice cream, Amy’s focuses on creating ice cream, frozen yogurt, dairy-free fruit ices, and ice cream cakes! (Photo Credit: Hayden Walker)


Cold Cookie co

Cold Cookie Company

6812 Ranch Rd 620 NJust like Austin, Cold Cookie Company is anything but ordinary. They not only serve ice cream that’s delicious on its own, but also cookies that can be a simple topping or blended into one of their shakes. They’re also famous for their ice cream sandwiches and “unshakes” which is just like a milkshake, but much thicker because of all the ice cream and toppings that you’re getting. And while they started as a food truck, Cold Cookie Company has recently expanded to a brick and mortar to make their delicious ice cream even more accessible. (Photo Credit: Hayden Walker)


Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Jeni’s serves up some of the richest, smooth ice cream scoops in town. With funky new flavors like Rocket Pop, Orange Freeze, Mango Cheesecake Swirl, High Five Candy Bar, and Golden Nectar. Visit them at two locations in Austin, on South Congress and at Domain Northside.


Dolce Neve

Dolce Neve

Dolce Neve is a local family-owned gelato shop that has been a staple in Austin for the last 7 years. For those looking for a taste of rotating, Italian creamy flavors with ingredients from local farmers and artisans, this spot cannot be missed.


DipDipDip Ice Cream

DipDipDip Ice Cream

7301 Burnet Rd., Ste. 101 | Just in time for summer, DipDipDip Ice Cream has brought back their original sundae creations. Enjoy the Sum Yum Yuzu or Shroom of Doom creations in cup or waffle cone form. While savory sandwiches from the pop-up are no longer available, sweet treats like the ice cream taco in panko-fried brioche bun, boozy milkshakes, and assorted ice cream pints with flavors like hojicha + burnt orange or cookies ‘n matcha, will still be available. Guests will be able to order via QR code or at the service window. Photo Credit: Jane Yun


austin scoops

Austin Scoops

9600 Escarpment Blvd Suite #900 | If you’re looking for classic ice cream with decadent flavors, check out Austin Scoops in southwest Austin. They have traditional options like strawberry, chocolate and vanilla bean, but also flavors for the more adventurous palate like butterbeer and roasted marshmallow which are both on the permanent everyday menu. They put their focus on the highest quality ingredients which is truly what makes all of their ice creams stand out, even the more classic flavors. They also offer sorbet for a non-dairy and fat-free option! (Photo Credit: Austin Scoops Facebook)


Anti-Social Ice Cream Co.

Anti-Social Ice Cream Co.

6550 Comanche Trail #109 | If you prefer to shy away from dairy, Anti-Social Ice Cream Co. could be your new go-to spot. Instead of having a few flavors that are vegan, their whole store is dedicated to the concept. But you won’t feel like you’ve missed out on full fat ice cream with their available flavors like banana caramel, birthday cake and mint chocolate chip. They have scoopable options, soft-serve, milkshakes and even ice cream sandwiches complete with a number of vegan topping options to please even the biggest dairy advocate.  (Photo credit: Anti-Social Ice Cream Facebook)


Baked Bear Ice Cream

The Baked Bear

211 Walter Seaholm Dr #150Although ice cream is amazing on its own, nothing has ever been made worse by adding a warm chocolate chip cookie–and that’s The Baked Bear’s philosophy. You can choose between 10 cookie flavors, and 25 topping options for your ice cream sandwich or “bear bowl” which is essentially a deconstructed version of their ice cream sandwich. You’ll have no problem finishing your creation, but choosing between all of the delicious options? No guarantee there.  (Photo Credit: The Baked Bear Facebook)


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