Eating healthy is difficult, especially if you spend some time on the road and want to grab a bite quickly without losing valuable time. Whether you’re traveling around Texas or just taking a day trip outside of Austin, you may want to take healthier foods into account while traveling.  Spots like Snap Kitchen, Whole Foods and Central Market are perfect alternatives to fast-food restaurants and can be just as tasty.  Here are some practical tips and places you can check out to grab a healthy bite.



Cava dishes

Plan on Eating Your Fruits and Vegetables Before Anything Else

Fruits and vegetables are the first things to go bad while on the road. Regardless of whether you have a fridge with you, fruits and veggies should be a priority for you in the first days of your trip. They will provide your body with precious fibers, minerals, and vitamins that will re-energize you and help your digestion on the road. 

You can also pack simple fruit bowls, cereals, honey, and other additions in small packets and mix them with fruit for a healthy meal. If you find yourself without fruits and vegetables, you can visit places such as Cava which is a Mediterranean-style restaurant with build-your-own salads.



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Pack Non-Perishable Snacks (More Than You Think You Need)

We are all guilty of munching on more snacks than we are supposed to. On the road, however, snacks can provide us with the necessary nutrients to focus on driving, see more sights and enjoy our time traveling. Some of the non-perishable snacks you should definitely keep in mind include various nuts, dried fruits, and protein bars. 

Avoid packing spicy or oily snacks since these will reflect poorly on your digestion and general mood. If you’re traveling through Texas, you can visit Baby Greens if you are in the mood for a quick and healthy snack. Baby Greens features drive-through-style wraps and salads, so you can quickly be on your way and out of town with a nice snack to boot. 



Consider Getting a Small Cooler for the Road

Even if you think you might not need it now, do consider getting a cooler for the road. Packing a cooler with you widens what types of foods you can bring on the road considerably. Bring pickled vegetables, drinks, sandwiches, and ready-made meals, and just eat them whenever you decide to stop for a break. 

You can use TrustMyPaper as a writing service for writing and proofreading your list of foods for the road. Writing a list on paper will ensure that you always know the expiration dates of each produce or food packed for the road. Places like The Beer Plant have a variety of pickled foods and vegan cheeses for you to enjoy if you are traveling around Austin, TX. A cooler on the road can really transform the way you see travel food, especially of the healthier variety.



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Never Skip Breakfast on the Road

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, especially if you spend several days on the road and need the energy to keep going. As such, you should never skip out breakfast, even if you only have an apple or a cereal bar before starting up your engine again. 

You can also take a glance at some healthy food breakfast variants if you are going through Austin, such as The Steeping Room. They offer a plethora of teas in different meal mixes, coupled with sandwiches, rolls, and desserts. Drinking green or black tea paired with a filling breakfast will get you going and keep you filled up for most of the day.



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Take Local Healthy Food Places Into Account While Traveling

You will inevitably run out of healthy foods to eat on the road, which is why you should be open to trying new things eventually. Luckily, there is an assortment of healthy eating places all around the US and Texas itself, making it easy to find your favorite new spot. 

Places like Mr. Natural offer distinct Texan/Mexican foods with a healthy twist, while Counter Culture features a range of healthy sandwiches and desserts to enjoy. You can ask around whichever town you visit or check out apps such as Happy Cow which will point you in the right direction. It’s good to use Supreme Dissertations to write a plan for your trip and edit in new spots to visit on paper before setting out. This is a far better alternative when you are on the road compared to going to supermarkets and hoping for the best.


Wrapping Up and Starting Off (Conclusion)

Eating well is an integral part of staying healthy while traveling, coupled with resting and stretching on occasion. Plan your foods well ahead of time to avoid uncomfortable situations with spoiled products or lack thereof when you need them the most. Thankfully, there is also a wide selection of healthy options in the shape of drive-throughs, restaurants, and coffee shops which will fill your healthy eating void. Create a shortlist of places you really like and start your trip on the right foot.

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