When it comes to traveling for free, surely what is most lazy for you is the organization of the trip, for us, it is part of the trip, personally I quite enjoy looking for information and reading about the destination that we are going to visit.


With this guide, we will try to guide you a bit explaining step by step how we organize trips and where we get information from.


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Although it seems simple, it is not, either due to the dates, budget, number of days available, the weather, our previous trip, country situation, etc … If we travel with more people, we must choose a destination that everyone likes. world, that is simply not easy. We had years of thinking about going to Vietnam and we ended up in Mexico.




After choosing the destination we have to find a flight that fits our pocket, dates, and needs. Our priority is the price and then the hours of travel. If the difference in euros is not much, we try to find direct flights and shorten the hours of layover, especially in the laps, there is nothing more depressing than a full layover and long waits. We can choose a flight search engine/comparator. They give you the option of looking at flights with no fixed destination, long periods, the cheapest months, it has price alerts that warn you when they go down or up … They are usually quite complete and after the search, they will direct you to the online agencies that offer these flights. If we do not find a price that suits our budget we can choose to look for flights with multi-destination where the departure and arrival cities are usually different.

Another very interesting option when hiring a flight is to look for possible ” stopovers “. A ” stopover ” is a scale of more than 24 hours that allows us to get to know a new destination and do something similar to a ” 2 × 1 “. We use these types of stops on our trips to Indonesia, Guatemala, and the Philippines. In the first, we had the opportunity to get to know the United Arab Emirates, in the second we made a 2-day stop in New York and in the third we spent a couple of days in Beijing. They are very interesting options that will allow us to get to know new places at the same price taking advantage of a scale.




We already have flights, we can sleep peacefully. Good news, this means that they were adapted to our tastes and budget. Now it’s time to choose the places to visit and develop a route. For us, that is where the journey begins. We have no choice but to read and read, collect information, and based on this divide our days. We always try to buy the most complete guide we can find in the country in question. Another option that we also usually do is read the diaries of other travelers, blogs, etc., follow the advice of people who write on the internet and gradually complete our itinerary and visits.





We already have the flights and more or less the chosen route, now it’s time to find where we are going to sleep. There are many people who travel without accommodation and decide on the go to find somewhere to sleep, most of the time we tend to carry everything a little bit tied although we sometimes leave days off. Everything will depend on the vacation days you have and if you have the route closed or not. If we have almost a month, then a good option may be to go without accommodation and mark your route along the way and places to sleep. Maybe someplace will surprise us for good and we want to stay someday more or that another destination seems boring and we want to continue with the route without having to spend every day there.



For us fundamental and one of the most important means of communication when traveling. Not only because we can have contact with all our loved ones during the trip, but our parents also may not be very happy not to hear from us for long periods of time. But above all, it seems essential to us when looking for information at the moment without depending on Wi-Fi connections, or being able to use Maps to move around all the cities, knowing what to see, where to eat and live, being able to make decisions thanks to the information that we found on the net. Obviously we must rule out Roaming since it may cost us more to connect to the internet than the trip itself if we say goodbye. Today there are companies like holafly.com, It is very comfortable since we do not worry about everything since the card would come home and we could enjoy connection as soon as we reached the destination.



Obviously, whenever we travel to a country with a different currency than ours. In that case, we have several possibilities. A very interesting option to change currency is the one offered by Global Exchange. It gives you the option to choose the amount to charge, how to pay, and where to collect the money, either at the airport or with delivery to your own home.

Many other people prefer to carry their currency in hand and exchange it upon arrival, either at the airport itself or at an exchange office. Another option is to throw away the card, pay what we can with it, and withdraw the money from the ATMs. Everything is up to you.




A must for us. We tell you about our own experience. We advise you to take good medical insurance and if you have much better cancellation. We already had to use it on our trip where we lost the return due to a local airline and we had to shell out quite a bit of money for a new ticket, the insurance took over all the expenses.


And after all this, we only have to take our backpacks/suitcases and … Let’s travel !!



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