Deep Ellum Brewing Company has announced the release of DTX Golden Ale, promising to be a light and crisp new brew that pays tribute to the brewery’s hometown of Dallas, Texas.  DTX Golden Ale is now being distributed on draft and will soon replace Deep Ellum Lager.

DTX is foil to the brewery’s well-known Dallas Blonde, which pokes fun at the city’s stereotypes – a joke rooted in affinity for the place. Deep Ellum believes that there is nothing better than a hometown brew: it’s the happy hour go-to, the one that makes you proud of where you live, the one that you consider getting inked at least twice, it’s at every house party and all of your out-of-town friends crave it.

DTX Golden Ale will replace Deep Ellum Lager in the brewery’s year-round lineup.  Try DTX Golden Ale at the original Deep Ellum Dallas Taproom or the Funkytown Fermatorium in Fort Worth now, or find it at your local bar.  The new brew will be available in 6-packs of black-and-gold cans in Texas retailers soon.

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