Sometimes the travel bug bites hard, but you don’t always have a buddy who is able to join in on the adventure at a moment’s notice. Why should you miss out on experiencing a new place just because you don’t have a travel companion? This year more than ever international tourism is expected to rise in the form of solo travelers, and we’ve rounded up the safest destinations for you. Pack your bags, and get ready to make new friends on the road.


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Zurich, Switzerland

The largest city in Switzerland is known for its many financial and banking institutions, but its small population and highly developed infrastructure make for an ideal tourist destination. Housing many museums, art galleries and incredible shopping, Zurich was once considered the city offering best quality of life in the world, and we all want a piece of it.  

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Honolulu, Hawaii

The beautiful capital of Hawaii is commonly known as the gateway to the U.S island chain. Famous for iconic views, beaches and deep blue waters, Honolulu also offers luxury dining, nightlife and hospitality. Don’t miss historic sites like Pearl Harbor, and of course, soak up the sun on the sandy beaches of Oahu Island.

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Copenhagen, Denmark

Built around waterways and mostly made up of flat landscapes, Copenhagen is a city of high walkability as well as being very cyclist-friendly, making it a popular destination for backpackers from across thew world.  The compact downtown areas has access to most of the tourist attractions including City Hall Square and Central Station, and other popular spots including the many palaces, museums, highly Instagrammable streets, and unique international cuisine.

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Porto, Portugal

Porto is a coastal city in northwest Portugal known for its bridges and  of course, port wine production. Nnarrow cobbled streets and many outdoor cafes bring that charming coastal vibe we all love about European cities. Less known (and less crowded) than the major cities, Porto is ideally explored as a city break destination but is also a convenient starting point to explore the rest of one of Europe’s oldest countries.

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London, England

We know London as the capital England and perhaps for the Big Ben. But recently solo travelers have been making London their starting point when visiting all of the U.K, and the smaller surrounding cities. London itself offers great international cuisine, luxury hotels, and innovative art scene, and stunning panoramic views.

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Bergen, Norway

Large for Norway’s standards but still containing a small-town vibe, Bergen is a special blend of modern and natural beauty. Locals have a sense of pride of their Viking Age roots, and are happy to share local attractions with visitors. Bergen also has a large student population reflected in the city’s vibrant and youthful personality. Brimming with sight-seeing opportunities, Bergen is home to Norway’s biggest yearly cultural event, the Bergen International Festival.

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Stockholm, Sweden

Sweden is known for its liberal culture, and Stockholm does not disappoint in the fun department. Drinking on the water is a popular way to spend the summer days, as well as dining on the many boat-turned restaurants. Similar to Austin, Stockholm houses a booming live music scene, and its blend of modern Scandinavian design and local culture aesthetic appeals to most. There is something for everyone in the city, but don’t forget to take advantage of its warm summers and take a tour of the unique natural landscape of this region.

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Tokyo, Japan

I know what you’re thinking: isn’t Tokyo too hectic to visit alone? The answer is a resounding ‘no’. Just the opposite, in fact. The frenetic pace of this mega-city is perfect for the first time visitor who is traveling alone. You will never feel alone in Tokyo. Most of the city will feel like New York, a concrete jungle filled with noises and color, and it takes a bit of time to really feel at home. Embrace Tokyo’s personality and spend your time really experiencing the city like a local; Eat in hole-in-the-wall spots, ask the friendly natives for good recommendations, wander into local shops selling odd items,  and don’t waste time trying to tick off tourist sights. A little hectic but perfectly safe, Tokyo is meant for the solo traveler.

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Sydney, Australia

Best known for the iconic structure that is home to the Sydney Opera House, Sydney is also a hot destination for lone travelers. Being the largest and most cosmopolitan city in Australia, Sydney has a wide range of culinary, design, art, and music that is sure to please even the most demanding visitor. Commonly referred to as the Harbour City, Sydney offers miles of sandy beaches and blue waters, as well as deep and ethnically diverse history built on decades of longterm immigration, making for some of the world’s highest quality of life.

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Dublin, Ireland  

The maritime climate in Dublin makes it a desirable spot for travelers year round. Cool summers, mild winters, and with many landmarks to see, Dublin has attractions dating back hundreds of years. This unique city has more green spaces per square kilometer than any other capital in Europe, and 97% of its lucky residents live by a park area. Dublin is one of the most walkable cities in Europe, and there is no other way to visit the famous Dublin Castle, used by the Vikins in the 930’s, St. Stephen’s Green park which remains green all year, and Temple Bar, known as the party hub of the city.

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