Following the actions of Dallas and Waco Counties, a Shelter in Place order has been given in Austin including Travis and Williamson Counties, in an effort to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus.


Most Austinites have already been practicing shelter-in-place standards by staying home and limiting their time within the public by maintaining social distancing guidelines, but some may still be confused on the actual rules of the order.  Questions about what businesses may stay open and activities people are allowed to do, may be in question.


To help us all maintain a safe and healthy surrounding, here’s a list of everything you can and can’t do during Austin’s shelter-in-place.


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  1. Purchase food from local restaurants, food trucks, cafes and coffee shops (takeout and to-go only).
  2. You’re allowed to take your pets for a walk outside.
  3. You’re allowed to exercise and workout outdoors as long as you maintain 6ft of social distancing.
  4. Allowed to go to grocery stores, pharmacy stores, convenience stores, big box retail stores and hardware stores.
  5.  Visit your doctor or clinics, visit a veterinarian, attend funerals and services at an auto repair center.
  6. Employees of essential businesses or essential government services, critical infrastructures, transportation to provide essential travel may continue going to work.  Those that also perform critical trades such as plumbers, construction, electricians, exterminators, and utility professionals may continue working as well.





  1. Cannot host public gatherings, invite friends over to your home unless they are members of your immediate family.
  2. Cannot dine in local restaurants or socialize in local bars.
  3. Cannot attend movie theaters, church services, sporting events or visit any gyms.
  4. Cannot visit doctors for elective surgery or procedures.
  5. Cannot attend schools or host meetings.
  6. Cannot attend concerts or perform a public production.


At least 790 people are reported to have contracted the Coronavirus throughout the entire state of Texas and those numbers are expected to increase as testing continues.  At least 9 people in Texas have died, and 0 have recovered.  At this time, no curfew order has been given to the City of Austin, Travis County or Williamson County.


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