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If you ask any serious foodie what the weekend means to them nearly every one of them will sing the same tune. Most will say weekends are made for  brunching. Okay real talk, I didn’t actually collect an official survey for this but lets just call it a hunch. If you’re a serious brunch enthusiast looking for the next hot spot to share with your Sunday-funday pals, you’ll probably fall in love with VOX Table.

VOX Table has become one of the best restaurants in Austin to indulge in some of the most delicious brunch dishes prepared by Chef Joe Anguiano and his crew. From hand crafted cocktails and libations created by Beverage Director JR Mocanu, to a creative menu filled with a few brunch classics and inventive new creations, VOX Table’s menu will fulfill your Saturday and Sunday-funday vibes for the entire weekend.


What To Order


VOX Brunch cocktails


VOX Table Saturday Morning Toons

Saturday Morning ‘Toons’

A brunch cocktail should almost be considered as an appetizer itself, at least if you consider the Saturday Morning ‘Toons’ cocktail which pays homage to Saturday morning cartoons most of us may have enjoyed as children.  Think of a boozy, adult version of cereal and milk, with Red Handed Bourbon, vanilla bitters, Demerara sugar and cereal-washed milk served with a tiny bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch on the side.




What To Eat

VOX Table’s brunch menu is easily the tip of the spear with in the comity of South Lamar. Chef Joe has created an approachable, simple menu with a poetic spin on a few classic brunch staples and new creations that will easily impress Austin’s most elite brunch crowd. Every dish boasts a beautiful, chef driven work of culinary art fit for anyone’s Instagram feed.

Do I order the VOX Burger or the pancakes, the Bacon and Eggs or Crab Benedict? We were a bit mugwup and unable to make up our minds on just one or two dishes, so we’re quite doughty and ordered in excess. You’ll do best to arrive with an appetite and a few foodie friends, as you’ll probably want to share several items for to get your fill. Grab a bib (to wipe the drool from your mouth) and continue scrolling to see a few of our favorites.


Vox Table Brunch Pancakes

Olive Oil Pancakes $9

I love pancakes but I rarely order them. They’re usually doughy, delicious and so incredibly filling that I feel stuffed and pathetic after eating them. However the Olive Oil Pancakes was perfect beyond my expectations. Each pancake, the size of a tea dish, is thin with a crispy edge and soft center making it a pretty easy dish to eat without feeling like you need a nap afterwards.


VOX bacon and eggs

Bacon + Eggs $15

Chef Joe’s version of bacon and eggs boasts grilled pork belly, almond dusted fried duck egg, romesco, and broccolini. Seared pork belly and a duck egg should be an easy choice to enjoy in the panjandrum of most diners that pride themselves on exceptional brunching.


Vox Table Burger

VOX Burger $14

This bad boy is staked with Akaushi beef, lettuce, tomato, VOX sauce, and a house pickle. Top it with aged grafton cheddar, crispy bacon and a fried duck egg and you’ve got the best brunch burger town. The burger is brilliant, but those steak fries are the truth! They’re not the traditional soft and soggy fries you’ve probably had nightmares about (speaking for myself). They’re so crispy, crunchy and perfectly seasoned that we almost ordered an extra pile to take home.


VOX Table Crab Benedict

Crab Benedict $14

Beautifully loaded with Egg 63, buttery poached crab, thinly sliced prosciutto chips, hollandaise, and yorkshire pudding bread. An old fashioned Benedict has become a waxed lyrical, lacking the noble stature it once held in the brunching culture. Chef Joe’s Benedict is anything but mundane in his impressive creation. Every modern day Benedict should inevitably aim to this degree of turpitude.


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VOX Table

1100 S Lamar Blvd #2140
Austin, TX 78704

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