Discover the newest culinary sensation to grace the streets of East Cesar Chavez in Austin, Texas: Casa Bianca. Opening its doors Spring 2024, this American-Italian restaurant and cocktail bar is the brainchild of hospitality veterans Joseph Zoccoli and Richard Thomas.

Their friendship and shared passion for delivering exceptional dining experiences led them to create Casa Bianca. Zoccoli, renowned for his culinary skills honed at Uchi, takes the helm as the executive chef, while Thomas, founder of Cantaloupe Island Cocktails, channels his expertise as the beverage director. Together, they aim to offer guests not just a meal but a memorable journey through flavors and ambiance.

For Thomas, Casa Bianca is the culmination of years of planning, sparked by collaborations with Zoccoli during private dining events. He saw the potential to elevate Zoccoli’s pop-up concept, Che Cazzo, into a permanent establishment. Their vision for Casa Bianca is simple yet profound: to create a space where guests feel cherished and eager to dine out, where every dish and drink is a testament to their dedication to hospitality.

Drawing on Zoccoli’s background in Japanese cuisine, Casa Bianca’s menu promises a fusion of modern American-Italian flavors. From a tantalizing raw bar to meticulously crafted pasta dishes, each item reflects a harmonious blend of culinary influences. Complementing the cuisine is Thomas’ inventive beverage menu, featuring twists on Italian classics, a diverse selection of amari, and a thoughtfully curated wine list showcasing natural wines from rising stars in the industry.

Beyond its culinary offerings, Casa Bianca beckons with its inviting ambiance. Designed by Magic Architecture, the decor exudes a modern Texan interpretation of art deco elegance. Whether you prefer the cozy intimacy of the dining room or the breezy atmosphere of the patio and rooftop bar, Casa Bianca offers a setting that caters to every mood and occasion.

As the anticipation builds towards the grand opening, Casa Bianca invites you to stay connected. Visit their website at and follow @casabiancaatx on Instagram for exclusive updates and a glimpse behind the scenes.