Nestled in the heart of East 6th Street in a tree covered graveled lot sits a trailer that produces nothing short of superb. In fact, in the guise of a city that has extremely high standards for great barbecue, La Barbecue is redefining the standards all over again.  La Barbecue opens at 11am, with a line fully stocked with 30 or so hungry meat eaters ready to devour massive amounts of protein.

The line moves rather quickly however you can expect to get to the front with in 30-45 minutes. Fortunately there’s free Lonestar beer served ice cold from a keg while you wait. No one will ever complain about getting free beer, but what ever you think you know about great barbecue will be completely dismissed once you get whiff of the smoky scent that’s been roasting since 3am, so be prepared to kick your ego to the curb.

Once you arrive to the window you’ll receive a bite-sized sample of some of the moistest and succulent brisket you’ll ever have. The perfectly slow smoked USDA black Angus prime brisket will melt in your mouth with very little effort, so don’t be shy, order up a pound along with a beef rib, a link of the “hot-guts” sausage and a couple of sides.  It’s definitely a lot of food so bring a friend or two to share your feast.

The Hot Guts sausage is an original recipe made on site, links that deliver a crisp snap of the casing and juicy smoked finish with every bite. The side items compliment the meal in perfect harmony with the classics, fresh potato salad, coleslaw, pickled onions and classic sliced white bread, rounding out a perfect central Texas meat feast.  If you value perfection, La Barbecue is an absolute must.

BBQ Beef Sandwich | Photo by A Taste of Koko