Fred Eppright, a Texas businessman rooted in commercial real estate, might seem an unlikely candidate to venture into the wine business. Yet, spurred on by his son Trey Eppright’s passion for wine, Fred and his family found themselves on an unexpected journey into viniculture. Trey’s fascination with wine began early, ignited by a sip of Champagne at age 15 and further fueled by episodes of Wine Library TV with Gary Vaynerchuk. Despite pursuing a career in real estate, Trey’s ardor for wine remained steadfast, leading him to explore viticulture and winemaking during his time at Texas A&M.

Fred Eppright

In 2021, Trey’s persistent pursuit of his winemaking dream led the Eppright family to Calistoga, where they acquired the Dutch Henry property, which was ravaged by the 2020 Glass Fire. With a 2 ½-acre vineyard primed for replanting, the foundation for Parable Wines was laid. Fred, recognizing the potential for a strategic investment, threw his support behind Trey’s vision, marking the birth of Parable Wines.

Understanding the complexities of the wine industry, they approached the venture with the same pragmatism that defined Fred’s Austin real estate endeavors. Recognizing the importance of assembling a capable team, he enlisted the expertise of seasoned professionals like winemaker Kale Anderson and General Manager Brian Kelleher. Kale, with 23 vintages under his belt, brought a wealth of experience from renowned wineries like Pahlmeyer and Cliff Lede. Brian, a veteran in the wine industry, assumed responsibility for spearheading sales, marketing, and operational strategies at Parable.

Parable Wines, characterized by small-batch productions and meticulous attention to detail, sources grapes from esteemed vineyards like Beckstoffer Bourn Vineyard and Antinori Antica. With each bottle numbered, Parable seeks to showcase the unique terroir of its vineyard sources. From Chardonnays boasting citrus and apple notes to Cabernet Sauvignons with hints of red fruits and spices, Parable aims to craft wines that exemplifies the essence of Napa Valley. With unwavering determination and a team dedicated to quality and innovation, Parable Wines aspires to carve its own narrative in the storied landscape of Napa Valley.

As a testament to the sensory journey Parable Wines offers, we enjoyed a recent wine pairing lunch that showcased the exquisite flavors and nuances of their varietals. From the crisp elegance of the 2022 Parable Ritchie Chardonnay complementing Szechuan Cucumber and Crispy Chicken Egg Rolls to the delicate harmony of the 2022 Parable A18 Chardonnay with Hamachi Sashimi and Yuzu Vinaigrette, each pairing accentuated the artistry behind Parable’s winemaking.

Additionally, the robust profiles of the 2021 Parable Vangone Cabernet Sauvignon and the 2021 Beckstoffer Bourn Cabernet Sauvignon elevated classic dishes like Peking Duck and Honey Pepper Filet Mignon, further exemplifying the versatility and depth of Parable’s portfolio. The experience underscored Parable Wines’ commitment to crafting exceptional wines that show the versatility and innovative possibilities of a thoughtful food pairing.

So, raise a glass to Parable Wines—a testament to the power of perseverance, the beauty of collaboration, and the timeless allure of a well-crafted parable, bottled for all to savor and enjoy. Cheers to the journey ahead, and may every sip be a reminder of the stories that unite us all.