What happens when two guys from Detroit combine a passion for pizza with entrepreneurial dreams? Mouth-watering glory. How did these pizza gods descend upon our sleepy city? VIA 313 Pizza pizza has become one of the best in Austin.

Via313’s pies are a testament to that sentiment. Each square, silver pan that is pulled from the oven encases the best of both worlds – pizza crafted by bakers. Via313’s Detroit-style pies are perfect. The crust, made in-trailer from cold-fermented dough, is thick, airy and chewy affording delightful texture from the crunch provided by a caramelized cheese coating that spans all four edges of the pie. This buttery square is topped with two streaks of fresh crushed tomato sauce, drizzled after baking, topping the melted cheese. Each bite is a baker’s triumph and pizza lover’s delight. Perfection does not stop at the crust. Classically meat heavy, toppings are simple, carefully sourced and high-quality meats and veggies.

The simplicity of the quality ingredients and mastery of the baking process brings foodies out in droves.

“It’s not complicated, we like pizza. Do something you love and do it well,”

– Zane and Brandon Hunt, owners of Via313.

What To Order

Detroiter | Cheese, Double Pepperoni (Smoked and Natural Casing) – This pie is simply perfect.

Cadillac | Gorgonzola, Balsamic Glaze, Fig Preserves, Shaved Parmesan and Shaved Proscuitto

The Carnivore | Smoked Pepperoni, Natural Casing Pepperoni, Ham, Sausage, Bacon

Mitch Ryder | (Inspired by Paulie Gee) Gouda, Shaved Black Forest Ham, Maple Syrup (no red sauce)