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Adam Jacoby, owner and operator, and Kris Swift, creative director, opened Jacoby‘s Restaurant & Mercantile in August and the restaurant has quickly become an east Austin dining hot spot. The restaurant concept leads us to the Jacoby‘s ranch in Melvin, Texas. Adam’s parents started their then small farm in the town of Melvin in 1981. While the farm grew over the years the needs of the community also grew. Farmers in the area traveled 230 miles round trip to Abilene for their seed and feed. The Jacoby family realized the value of producing high quality seed and feed for both their farm and the community. What started as meal service for their employees evolved into Jacoby‘s Cafe serving as both an eatery and a meeting place for the community.

The Jacoby family now has an over 40,000 sq. ft of manufacturing space including 12 silos, a Seed and Feed, Jacoby‘s Cafe, a mechanic shop, a rail center and has over 50 employees. Adam who is also a fourth generation farmer shared that his grandfather believes being an entrepreneur is in their blood. Adam added that to be a farmer is to be an entrepreneur. Adam’s experience on his family’s ranch and at the cafe have given him the first hand knowledge, practical experience and a solid work ethic that shows clearly at Jacoby‘s Restaurant & Mercantile.

Jacoby's Austin 1
With the quaint ranch style appeal and gorgeous views overlooking the Colorado River makes it easy to forget you are in a bustling city. Both the interior and exterior has old world charm in a modern setting. From the reclaimed wood, distressed metal, make shift planters and Jacoby‘s sign outside the restaurant, which were recovered from Melvin, there is a piece of Adam’s roots in every detail of the restaurant. You will also find Kris’ impeccable interior design come into play throughout the restaurant & mercantile. Tables are punctuated with Hobnail milk glass and rustic accents. The breathtaking outdoor dining area is a beautiful green oasis making it the perfect place to enjoy dinner and drinks while taking in the views of the Colorado River.


Jacoby‘s is committed to sourcing locally and supports local farmers, ranchers and foragers. They make weekly trips to the local farmers markets and are regular customers at neighboring Springdale Farms and Boggy Creek. There are many highlights on the menu but the prime butcher cuts of Jacoby brand beef is the focal point. The beef is free of hormones, natural and dry aged for at least 21-28 days. The rest of the menu is garden fresh meets Southern comfort at its best.  From the generously portioned chicken fried steak covered in black pepper gravy served with fried okra to the shrimp and grits accented with smoked cheddar, paprika and Cajun butter, diners will be delighted.
Jacoby's Cocktails
Their hand crafted punches are playfully named after boxing moves and served proper in elegant Hobnail milk glass. Other standouts on the cocktail menu are the rye based muskoka smash and the pleasantly unique melvin mule spiced Ancho Reyes.  With Jacoby‘s Restaurant & Mercantile Adam and Kris have successfully and seamlessly extended the Jacoby tradition with the same high quality, standards and dedication that is represented by the family name.

Owner's Adam and Chris

Owner’s Adam and Chris

Jacoby's Onion Rings

What To Order


Pickles and Summer Sausage | with Jacoby’s brand beef
Deviled Eggs
Hand Battered Onion Rings
Pimento Cheese with house crackers


Chicken Fried Steak | with mashed potatoes and brown gravy
Stuffed Salsbury Steak
Shrimp and Grits
Cornmeal Crusted Rainbow Trout


Melvin Mule | with Ancho Reyes, lime, ginger beer
Livin The Daydream | Tequila, Strawberry simple, rosemary, peach bitters, lime
Muskoka Smash | Rye, blackberry, basil, lemon
Jacoby’s Punch | Russel Henry Hawaiian Ginger Gin, Gifford strawberry, passion fruit, sparkling wine

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