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Houston-based seafood and oyster bar, Liberty Kitchen, located in the Pressler apartment complex in popular Clarksville neighborhood.  The restaurant is owned by the Feed TX restaurant group, which also includes BRC and Petite Sweets in the Houston area.

Liberty Kitchen Austin brings beauty, and comforting seafood food to the neighborhood in a new space that is among one of the most visually impressive you’ll see in Clarksville.  The decorations pay homage to the Texas Gulf Coast with an open airy design that almost makes you feel like you’re dining near a salt water beach instead of the bustling traffic of 5th street.



Prep your sea-legs and put on your stretchy pants, this menu is an adventure in tastes and endurance.  We arrived for brunch so we started with a few apps.  If the monster in your belly is ready for a pre-feast nom-fest, start with a Deviled Eggs Trial with features 4 different devils, one topped with hot smoked salmon, another with with fried oyster, a third with pimento cheese and crab, and the last with spicy fried chicken and a side bacon jam to complete the trial.  If you love deviled eggs, this will easily be one of your favorites!


For the entrees, you’ll probably wish you skipped the appetizers or you’ll wish you had the appetite of a linebacker.  We eat a lot, however our eyes became bigger than our appetites because these portions were HUGE!  Before we knew what happened, 3 large plates landed  crashed on our table.  First an insanely delicious Fried Oyster, Sausage & Fried Egg Sandwich (that should be shared!), then an impressive Cajun Chicken & Waffle that’s so delicious, it’s a bit of a mind f@$%!  Finally the Shirred Eggs with hot smoked salmon and caviar, oh how I think about thee every day of my life as you sit so cute and tasty, staring at me from your little cast iron pan.



What To Order


  • Fried Oyster & Spam Musubi (west oahu) caviar, egg, spicy mayo – $5
  • Hot Smoked Salmon (2pc) whipped cream cheese, pickled onion, bacon jam, toast – $8.75
  • Oyster Selections of the Day East Coast & Appellation Gulf (Texas, Bama, Florida)
  • Deviled Egg Trial – $12.75


  • Fried Oyster, Sausage & Fried Egg Sandwich arugula, pickled red onion, spicy mayo, french roll – $10.25
  • Shirred Eggs, Hot Smoked Salmon, Caviar & Cream french bread, butter, bacon, cream, bacon smoked trout caviar – $17.75
  • Cajun Chicken & Waffle red bean & rice waffle, pepper jack, andouille gravy, hot sauce syrup – $15.5


  • West Cavalcade – Tito’s Vodka, St. Germain, splash grapefruit, raspberry puree, shaken over crushed ice

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