After a long, hard day at work and being in stuck in traffic for an hour, the last thing you want to do is cook dinner for the family – it seems like an overwhelmingly exhausting prospect.  There is a better way; especially suited for those hard days, to dine at a safe place where the entire family can eat and relax comfortably.


Austin, thankfully, is home to several venues that welcome entire families at a time, but while the local one up the road may seem like it’s most convenient , they may not have everything needed to accommodate your family.  Maybe they lack a real play area, or maybe the menu just doesn’t quite suit your kids’ tastes.  Fortunately, there is a plethora of fun eateries located around Austin that can provide you and your family with a good meal and plenty of wholesome entertainment.


These are the five best spots to take your partner and children for a memorable evening or lunch.


ski shores

Phil’s Ice House

Phil’s believe that parents deserve recess while the kids have a safe place to enjoy the playground.  Phil’s features a large outdoor playscape with plenty of semi-shaded seating.  Take the kids and let them wear themselves out while you relax to enjoy a decent meal with a glass of wine or beer.  All three locations offer discounted prices on draft beer and wines by the glass between 3:00pm and 5:30pm.


Ski Shores Cafe

Located on Lake Austin, Ski Shores Cafe is a small, welcoming venue that comes with a gated, safe play area.  The scenery, local wildlife, and playpen means that your kids can remain safe and that they’ll never find a single moment of boredom.


Austin’s Pizza in Westlake

Set in one of the more beautiful parts of the city, Austin’s Pizza is the perfect place for a Sunday lunch where the entire family can kick back and enjoy their surroundings, while eating some good pizza.  The venue is set on a deck that is shaded by massive oaks, along with a small, safe play area.  You can enjoy kicking back while indulging in a bit of Aussie sports betting on your mobile, or watch your kids as they play.


Contigo Beer Garden PeopleContigo

Another naturally picturesque environment, Contigo is one for the kids that are sick of eating the same, boring food found on the average kid’s menu.  This is thanks to a roster of dishes made up of mussels, rabbit, and a few unique choices of ice cream. The outdoor dining area is set next to a massive sand pit with plenty of where the kids will be able to keep themselves occupied for hours.


Central Market North

Central Market North boasts a diverse menu, and plenty of outdoor time for the family. With a menu packed to the brim with unique meals, and with live music and tons of space to run and play, there are few better places in Austin that cater for the family.  Instead of staying at home after a long day and watching TV, rather take the family out for an adventure that they’re not likely to forget.

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