We have exciting news for those who love to brunch!  Sway will begin offering their brand new brunch menu this weekend from Executive Chef Martin Wilda –  introducing a Thai take on brunch classics like a basil chicken and waffle, mussel omelette and mapow biscuit + gravy.


Available alongside Sway favorites from the lunch & dinner menu:
  • mussel omelette mung bean cake, bean sprout, egg, red nahm jihm
  • softshell crab crispy egg, lemon confit, green nahm jihm, thai gribiche
  • s + p prawn sandwich ginger sauce, serrano, carrot, daikon, baguette
  • thai basil waffle and chicken chicken wing lollipop, pickled fresno, green nahm jihm, maple-lemon butter, togarashi
  • spinach + chive dumpling live oil jam, chili vinegar, beet chip, sweet soy sauce, corn + scallion salad
  • brioche french toast local honey foam, spiced poached pear, candied cashew, condensed milk custard
  • mapow biscuit + gravy goat cheese-thai herb biscuit, minced pork gravy, bacon powder, egg, crispy basil leaf

WHEN: Saturday & Sunday, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.WHERE: Sway (1417 S 1st St, Austin, TX 78704)MENU: swayaustin.com/menus/brunch

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