When it comes to craft beer, Portland has so much figured all out—From the urban breweries, to the amazing food scene, it’s a mecca for beer enthusiasts. There are so many exciting things to do in this progressive city and beyond that boredom is not a concept familiar to Portlanders. The people are just about as friendly as southerners and they take their beer very seriously.


Many craft breweries are uniquely located in some of Portland’s most prime real estate neighborhoods and rejuvenated warehouses in some of the greatest off-the-beaten-path spots, just a pleasant bike ride from each other.  With Portland’s spectacular scenery and primo summer weather, a brewery cycling tour is the perfect way to enjoy a sunny afternoon in the city.



Cycle Portland

We recently visited Portland for one of the city’s most popular tours with Cycle Portland, a bike rental and tour shop downtown where you’re best to schedule a tour on Saturday morning when you can get downtown a little early before your tour begins to enjoy the Saturday Market, nationally recognized as the largest continuously operated open-air arts and crafts market in the country.


After being fitted for our bikes and meeting the other guests who’d signed up for the ride, we began our trek across the Willamette River and into the heart of some fantastic neighborhoods.  I would have been quite satisfied just riding thru the charming neighborhoods viewing the creative architecture and amazing foliage Portland is known for but it was the craft beer we were wanting to sample and experience and they did not disappoint.


Base Camp Brewery

At Base Camp Brewery, I tried the popular S’more Stout, a sweet, creamy, caramel stout served with a roasted marshmallow.  I’d never had anything like it and it became my favorite.  There is a good food truck at this location if you feel the need for a snack at this point.

Base Camp Brewery

Baerlic Brewing Co.

Baerlic Brewing Company was our other stop and a flight seemed appropriate for tasting just about everything.  Beer lovers are fun people so getting to know the other people on the tour was half the fun and it was just a great way to see and experience the great city of Portland.


Cycle Portland

117 NW 2nd Avenue


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