Austin based dairy-free coconut milk ice cream, officially launches their most innovative product to date MamaMoo! an organic breast milk based ice cream. Two new flavors Vanilla Boob-erry and Double D-ark Chocolate are now available nationwide. They have decided to partner with a local Austin breast milk bank for all of their sourcing. The gluten-free, zero cholesterol, agave sweetened frozen dessert company expands their growing product line to include one of the most highly nutritional milks available to humankind.


This is the first foray outside of coconut milk based products for the frozen dessert company. Staying true to their roots, all breast milk will be sourced from vegan females who have followed a strict all organic, non-GMO, and gluten-free diet for at least five calendar years. NadaMoo! has provided all the nursing  females with Bamboobies, all natural nursing pads made with renewable bamboo, to make their experience more comfortable. With so much science behind the healing and recovery properties and high nutritional value of human breast milk, NadaMoo! wanted to be the first to market with a breastmilk based product.


NadaMoo! President and CEO Daniel Nicholson, an avid marathon runner, found out about the protein and enzymes in breast milk through his running community.


“I wanted to bring awareness to a growing market for breast milk and all it has to offer to people who are living active and healthy lifestyles,” says Nicholson. The agave sweetened breast milk ice cream product is high in fat content making it a creamy and delicious treat for all ages. “We expect this to take off in the health and exercise communities first before the masses catch on,” says Nicholson.

Double D-ark Chocolate

The company has a loyal vegan following, so the company took the time to make sure that the mothers providing their milk were compensated through fair trade practices and held to the highest dietary standards to ensure the highest quality product.


NadaMoo! Vanilla Boo-berry and Double D-ark Chocolate are now exclusively available on their website and in select natural and specialty retailers nationwide. Please visit for more information.