Austin might not be overflowing with an abundance of Korean, but it doesn’t take a full lap around the city to realize that the number of Korean cuisine is becoming respectable.  Depending on what kind of Korean experience you’re and if you don’t know what you’re doing, it might difficult to know where to head first.


Whether you’re looking for a full-scale, interactive Korean BBQ experience allowing you to grill meats over a center-table fire pite, something upscale, classic or even a casual Texas spin, these are our 7 best spots for Korean cuisine in Austin.




Jjim Braised BBQ

1100 S Lamar Blvd Ste 2140 | The Korean Braised BBQ restaurant differs from the Korean BBQ most people know that is cooked at the table.  Jjim is braised and cooked in the kitchen as Galbi Jjim — braised beef short ribs, served with carrots, shishito peppers, potatoes, king oyster mushrooms and scallions, as well as offerings with pork and oxtail.  To take the experience to the next level, mozzarella cheese can be added on top of any jjim dish, and customers can add optional rice, glass noodles and various banchan side dishes.



Oseyo Assorted Banchan, Kimchi Jigae, Hwedup Bap (raw fish over rice), Jin Mandu (steamed dumplings)


1628 E Cesar Chavez St. | Oseyo draws inspiration directly from Owner Lynn Miller’s mother’s Korean home cooking, with the menu featuring her tried and true recipes, coupled with the Executive Chef’s diverse culinary background. The menu features small plates, rice and noodle dishes, and wood-grilled items, in addition to Korean extra-small plates, called banchan.  



Korea House bbq

Korea House

2700 W Anderson Ln Ste 501 | Korea House has been a local favorite since 1988 as the first Korean restaurant in Austin.  The restaurant has become a favorite among locals for Korean BBQ staples, like japchae, bibimbap, and budae jjigae.  It’s also one of the most fun and interactive spots, offering a true Korean BBQ experience, allowing guests to grill their own meat on a table fire pit.





Six Locations in Austin | Chi’lantro might have the distant honor as being one of Austin’s all-time favorite casual restaurants.  With its origin beginning as a food truck, owner Jae Kim has grown flourishing business model to 6 brick and mortar restaurants in Austin. The menu boasts Korean barbecue offered in four types of protein that can be served in your choice of spicy noodle bowls, rice bowls, burritos, a salad, and their infamous kimchi fries.  They also offer Gangam glazed chicken wings, perfect for an appetizer or a meal on its own.



Korean Grill

Korean Grill

10901 North Lamar Blvd, Suite B204 | Korean Grill sits in the heart of Austin’s Chinatown and offers a unique dining experience with a menu featuring a plethora of Korean favorites.  The family-owned restaurant has been a mainstay for authentic Korean cuisine perfect for families convivial dining.   House favorites include Ojingo Bockeum which is a Korean stir-fried squid, as well as the SsamBap offering four flavors of bulgogi.





2002 Guadalupe St. Unit B | K-Bop is a campus area Korean restaurant offering light, healthy Korean-style cuisine made fresh with high-quality ingredients.  From Korean-style rolls to bowls and soups, K-Bop offers Beef Bulgogi Bowl, authentic Soon Doo Boo Jigae as well as tea or smoothies, available in flavors like coconut, green tea, and taro.



Oma's Kitchen

Oma’s Kitchen

2025 Guadalupe St #226 | Oma’s Kitchen is the perfect place to come to eat quick and delicious mainstays such as bibimbop, bulgogi and Korean comfort food in a no-frills, collegial restaurant.