During our visit to Feast Portland, Hestan Cue hosted a sold out, hands-on master class and brunch, “The Future of Cooking”.  The brunch was hosted by acclaimed Chef Philip Tessier, who coached the 2017 Bocuse d’Or team to Gold.

During the brunch we learned a few new culinary techniques and prepared a chef-quality meal while Chef Tessier provided a personalized tour of Hestan Cue’s new app-guided cooking system, which utilizes the latest technology to help people cook to perfection with guaranteed results.


The master-class took place at Jacobsen Salt Co. in Portland, where we gathered with fellow Feast attendees for a delectable brunch seated at Jacobsen’s huge flatbed trailer that was converted to beautiful a dining room table.


During the class we learned a few handy culinary techniques that helped us prepare a chef-quality meal with just a little guidance from Chef Tessier, as he gave us a personalized tour of the new app-guided system.


Hestan Cue - Feast

Based in Napa Valley, California, and founded by cookware icon Stanley Cheng, Hestan is a forward-thinking culinary and technology company made up of innovative chefs and engineers who are reinventing the way we cook, forging new culinary ground with thoughtful design, technology and ceaseless passion.


Available now via free download on the iOS and Android Hestan Cue app, users of all skill levels can successfully cook delicious meals and expand their culinary repertoire. The app and cooking device combines the latest technology with quality kitchen gear so users can cook anything they like on the first try and nail it with little to no effort.

The temperature-controlled Cue removes all of the guesswork with video-guided recipes taking you step-by-step.  Even the most novice of home cooks will have the confidence of knowing each of these chef-tested recipes will be a success.


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