Desert Door is excited to share that its 100-proof Oak-Aged Sotol will now be bottled and distributed in limited quantities beginning this month.

Desert Door Original Sotol has gained brand success in Texas and beyond since it launched in 2017 as a premium spirit with a citrusy and herbal flavor, akin to a desert gin crossed with a smooth sipping tequila. The Oak-Aged variation is 100-proof and each batch is aged to taste in new American charred white oak barrels with a level three char for an average of eight months.  Desert Door Oak-Aged Sotol is reminiscent of an aged bourbon with the warmth of brandy but retaining the unique and wild flavors that only Texas sotol can deliver.

Desert Door Distillery-7

More spiced than vegetal, the bouquet opens with vanilla and a touch of cedar and cinnamon followed by an infusion of dusty cherry, beeswax, allspice, and pine nuts. It finishes with a rich balance of oak, eucalyptus, a touch of caramel, and ineffable mystery. The Oak-Aged sotol retails for $49.99 and will be available in select bars, restaurants and retailers across Texas. It is great served neat, with ice, or as the base of a delicious cocktail

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