Super Bowl party hosts will be proud to offer up a unique, simple-to-prepare and rather healthy chili to serve this year while watching the big game with friends.  This recipe deserves to be served in the finest bowls you have alongside a local craft beer or a glass of Rioja.  Be sure to top it with some fresh cilantro and a squeeze of lime.


Ancho Coffee Pork & Butternut Squash Chili Recipe

By Chef Trish Wesevich | Capital Kitchens Austin


2 tbls. olive oil

2 pork tenderloins

1 large white onion or 1 small ones

2 cups butternut squash cut into cubes

2 cloves garlic, minced

1 ½ cups strong brewed coffee

3 tbls. Ancho chili sauce (I use Mölli Marindade Ancho & Pasilla Chiles)

2 8 oz jar crushed tomatoes

1 tsp salt

1 tsp pepper

2 tbls. cumin

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp. sweet smoked paprika

chicken broth (if needed)




Heat 1 tbls of the olive oil in a large skillet for 2 minutes.  Season pork tenderloins with salt and pepper and sear on all sides until well browned.  Remove pork tenderloins to a plate and set aside.  Add the remaining tbls. of olive oil to skillet and toss in onions. Sauté for 5 minutes until soft and remove from skillet to the plate with the pork. Sauté squash, stirring, often until thoroughly browned on all sides.


Place browned pork, cooked onions and squash in a large pot.  Stir in minced garlic.  Add coffee and let reduce for 3 minutes.  Add Ancho chili sauce and crushed tomatoes, salt & pepper, cumin, cinnamon and paprika.   Stir well.  Cover and let cook on low for 1 hour stirring often.  Once pork is soft shred it in the pot with a fork.  If mixture seems dry add chicken broth as needed.  Let cook for another 10 minutes after pork is shredded.  Serve with cilantro and lime.

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