It is but obvious—what shows well, sells well. In other words, presentation and demonstration go a long way in making a product marketable or profitable—and restaurants can not only just be a profitable venture, but a gold mine of sorts, if you know how to market it right.
By no means does it mean that you need to be a beanery aficionado, but instead keep a few template restaurants in mind before you venture into (pun intended) the world of fine dining.

In a place like Austin, the healthy competition and inherent need to provide a memorable experience to the customer base has led to new establishments at every nook and corner of various localities—which, albeit, is good for the customer, but bad for the businessman. After all, monopoly is business’ paradise. As stated earlier, presentation is quintessential for marketing, and furnishing in turn forms a fundamental aspect of such presentations.

Keeping technical and philosophical jargon aside, here are a few restaurants in Austin that show how a major portion of a stable venture relies on furnishing as much as the products served.


Shoal Creek saloon

Shoal Creek Saloon

909 N Lamar Blvd, Austin TX 78703 | There is an aphorism revolving around the idea of simplicity and how it is related to effectiveness—major companies like Apple Inc have shown how simplicity has been a significant marketable attribute for their success, and Shoal Creek Saloon is living by the idea appropriately. Right from their minimalistic approach to how a dining venture should be, to an extended idea of providing an even simpler menu—a beautiful concoction that is tried and tested—and explains how the venture has been able to be not just sustainable, but flourish, ever since their inception 23 years ago.

Moreover, Shoal Creek Solution has hit jackpot in terms of marketable attributes—the idea of having sports or games telecasted. Be it an adrenaline-rich experience of NFL, or a thrilling end to a game of MLB—Shoal Creek has you covered.



pita fusion austin

Pita Fusion

13776 U.S. Hwy 183 Suite 130 | For the health-conscious individual who is looking forward to spicing up their weekend (pun intended), look no further than Pita Fusion. With an amalgamation of ideas of keeping it quick and healthy, Pita Fusion should ideally be your go-to spot for a quick drive-through. What puts in in this list, in that case, you might ask—and this is where things get rather interesting.

Pita Fusion’s ideologies of simplicity and healthy living is not just confined to the products they sell, but well and truly extended to their décor too—be it their chairs tables and rests, or the overall approach to pillars of architecture (puns galore) such as wall arts or space distribution of furniture, Pita Fusion is just about the healthy mix (puns blazing) of good food and tranquil ambience that you are looking for.



Veggie Heaven

1611 W. 5th St. | Even the ardent yet ruthless food critic will agree, that vegan Asian cuisine has never been more luscious. Veggie Heaven pays a dividend to the idea that Asian cuisine that borders on vegan lines can be as delicious as healthy. With a rather posh décor that includes commercial bar stools that look like thrones, tables as compact as it can get, and an overall ambience that oozes hospitality, but at the same time, one that might mislead one into thinking that the place might be exorbitantly priced, Veggie Heaven is paradise (pun intended) for the right audience.

Veggie Heaven has been an epitome of marketing when it comes to misleading its customer base—and here’s how. Making the first set of customers believe that the place is out of bounds in terms of value-for-money- propositions, and then providing healthy and reasonably priced vegan cuisine only serves as a chain reaction wherein the customer spreads word like wildfire—resulting in a greater influx of people. If waiting in queues for hours is your thing, Veggie Heaven is the place to be at.



Tarka Indian Kitchen

11066 Pecan Park Blvd, Ste 500 | As stated above, furnishing is a quintessential aspect of marketing a restaurant into profitable territories, but taking it to the next level would involve making an external outlet for the customers to enjoy a picturesque ambience of the outside, with wholesome food prepared from the inside. Tarka Indian Kitchen strikes just about the right stance when it comes to not only making piquant parathas and succulent kebabs, but also its ambience and overall hostility—to add to how stunning the décor is, especially the one that extends to the outside. If you want to take business ideas with regards to making your furnishing as quaint as your food sumptuous, look no further than Tarka Indian Kitchen.



Roaring Fork 

10850 Stonelake Blvd | Wood fried dishes have a charm (or char?) of their own, and Roaring Fork is an apotheosis of striking the right balance of as splendidly wood-charred pork ribs as elegant as their wooden furnishing overall. Sticking to roots of American cuisine, Roaring Fork is evidently one of the most sought-after restaurants in Austin, and rightfully so. The extension of Roaring Fork allows one to view down upon the streets, providing an intimate experience of not just fine dine, impeccable décor, but a view to die for (or dine for? The humour is off the charts). Expect to keep revisiting once you place your foot into this venture.


Irrespective of where you go, the aforementioned restaurants will not fail to mesmerise you. It does not matter if you are a visitor or a local, missing out on these places would be asinine. If you are looking for places that will stupefy you with their cuisines as they will mesmerize you with their furnishing and décor, you would not want to miss out on these restaurants.

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