Yuyo is a new restaurant in East Austin that celebrates the vibrant culinary diversity of Peruvian cuisine.   The menu offers a range charcoal-grilled casual street food and elegantly prepared cebiches and seafood dishes prepared by Executive Chef Maribel Rivero.  Together with co-owner and brother Carlos Rivero, they’ve created a unique culinary experience that Austin has been craving, in reflecting the contemporary dining scene of Peru’s capital city.


The restaurant boasts a warm and welcoming ambience that celebrates the diversity of Peruvian cuisine in the heart of East Austin.  The heart of the restaurant includes a one-of-a kind cebiche bar with made-to-order cebiches and tiraditos.  The menu also features Peruvian casual street food and contemporary takes on Peruvian staples hard to find anywhere else in Austin.


What to Order

Yuyo Cocktails


Guests can expect to be introduced to the festive culture of Peru, with a unique dining experience starting with their refreshing handcrafted refreshing Peruvian cocktails.  Our favorites include Pisco Sours, Chilcanos, and Pisco Punch.



Chef Rivero’s sophisticated menu highlights unique flavors Peru is known for, including fresh lime, chile peppers known as aji, and pureed herb marinades using huacatay.  Seafood is a mainstay in Peruvian cuisine due to it’s location along the coast of the Pacific Ocean, so fresh fish is in constant supply and is seen in many native dishes.  Rivero uses fresh seafood from the Gulf of Mexico making it more unique to Austin-style cuisine while staying authentic to the flavors of Peru.  The menu also features Peruvian casual street food and contemporary takes
on Peruvian staples.



Other menu highlights include charcoal-grilled Anticuchos, skewered meats and vegetables in an aji panca adobo, and shareable veggies like Choclo, grilled Andean corn, and Papas, Peruvian potatoes known as papa criolla served with botija olive aioli.   We enjoyed Churrasco angus skirt steak with andean chimmichuri, salsa verde, papa criolla and botija aioli; Vegetales a la Brasa with grilled bok choy, portabello, squash, japanese sweet potato, fennel purée and andean chimichurri.  

Yuyo is Austin’s first and only Peruvian restaurant in what will hopefully become the advent of  more unique diversity in the cuisine Austin has been craving for years.  The authentic dishes are impressive and boasts a warm atmosphere that is familiar to Peru and Austin alike.  Diners looking for a new experience are likely to enjoy Yuyo’s approach to its regional flavors and central Texas hospitality.


Yuyo is located at 1900 Manor Road in Austin and is owned and operated by the El Chile Group owns and operates eight restaurants in the area.  For more information and to see their menu visit www.yuyoaustin.com.


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