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If you haven’t noticed, ice cream sandwiches are on the rise and it’s a trend that’s starting to take over the old fashioned ice cream shop model.  Moojo is a new Austin-based, gourmet ice cream sandwich store, serving fresh, all-natural ingredients.  Every sandwich is made with a scoop of all natural McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream and smashed between two warm, freshly baked housemade cookies.


Moojo allows customers to custom-build their own ice cream sandwich from a selection of 12 different cookies, 16 flavors of ice cream and bevy of toppings. You can also select from the store’s custom designed Moojo Favorites.  Health nuts and veg-heads can rejoice as Moojo also offers vegan and gluten free options — so everyone can experience the moment when flavorful ice cream melts into a warm cookie.


What’s the Big Deal?

The shop is perfectly suited for the buzzing campus area, fitting right in to Austin’s growing food culture. Initially we weren’t too thrilled with the location because parking near campus is never very fun, but fortunately there is 30 minutes free parking at the San Antonio parking garage on 2420 San Antonio Street.  The interior of the store is adorable and modern with plenty of seating, along with a few old fashioned swings hanging from the ceiling along the wall at a few of the tables.


The sweet flavors of every ice cream selection is superb as it blends well with the warm freshly baked cookies prepared through out the day. You’ll be hard pressed to find a better ice cream sandwich anywhere else in town. Leave your calorie counting at the door, Moojo is meant for indulgence, so enjoy yourself!



Our Favorites (Moojo moments):

SNICKERDOODLE-MOO | Snickerdoodle with Salted Caramel Pretzel

CHIP OFF THE ROCK | Rocky Road with Mint Chip

STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER | Butter Sugar with Strawberry


2322 Guadalupe Street,
Austin, TX 78705

Noon to MidnightFriday & Saturday : Noon to 1 AM

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