Photos By: Hayden Walker

Fredricksburg is an authentic Texas-German community, just an hour’s drive northwest of San Antonio and 70 miles west of Austin, is renowned for its upscale sophistication, dramatic landscape, profusion of wildflowers, burgeoning wine industry, Hill Country cuisine and authentic Main Street with unique shops and friendly atmosphere.

The Hangar Hotel was uniquely designed with the distinct exterior appearance of a WWII hangar circa the 1940s.  Inside this classic style, 50 room boutique hotel you’ll find fine woods, granite, and unique furnishings, all with a level of detail beyond comparison. Relax amidst the aviation-themed backdrop steeped in the excitement of a bygone era. The Officers’ Club offers a space for guests to relax and visit, the room is complete with fireplace, grand piano, pool table, full bar and unique leather lounge chairs. The Hotel, located adjacent to the Gillespie County Airport’s runway ramp area, provides excellent viewing of those spectacular flying machines. Also located next to the Hotel are the Airport Diner and Conference Center, both are in keeping with the 1940s theme. (


Hanagar Hotel Lights

New York Library lamps feature brass shades, and the beautiful carpet is custom designed and installed over thick padding. Wall coverings, elevated ceilings, extensive use of wood moldings, and colorful draperies all enhance the overall decor. Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel airstrip

Staying at the Hangar Hotel is a total experience, weather enjoying leisure time in your room, the lobby area, the Observation deck, the Officers’ Club, the Diner, Conference Center our the outside area, including the ramp for arriving and departing aircraft. Photo: Hayden Walker

Hanager Hotel Hall way

Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel Bar

The Tiki Bar in the hotel’s conference center gives the feeling of a step back in to the Pacific War theater of WW2. Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel car

Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel Conference Center

The conference center features 8,000 square feet of air conditioned area plus an additional eighteen hundred square feet split between two Quonset briefing rooms. Ample lighted, hard surface parking along with attractive restrooms are furnished. The Pacific Showroom flanks the Conference Center. Photo: Hayden Walker



Hangar Hotel Conf. Center

Photo: Hayden Walker

hangar hotel  diner

The Airport Diner is”one of a kind” creation built after the Diners of old from the 1940s Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel cookies

The Diner provides a unique atmosphere to relax and enjoy a good meal while reliving the past. Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel Diner 2

Lots of stainless, terrazzo floors, black granite counters and booth tops, all provide comfortable relaxing dining on old time diner favorites. Photo: Hayden Walker

Hangar Hotel Officer's Club

The Officers’ Club is your perfect choice for a memorable evening out. The mahogany and granite fireplace,soft leather furniture, grand piano and regulation pool table, provide a quiet, relaxing environment to join friends beforeand after a dinner engagement. Thursday night is the popular Martini Night with a list of Martini’s longer than the runway. Photo: Hayden Walker


Hangar Hotel Planes

To a pilot, the luxury of taxiing up almost to your hotel room door can hardly be overstated. Photo: Hayden Walker

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