Espolòn tequila has a new Creative Director and it’s none other than loquacious Deadpool, who will assume the role of “Creative Director for Culture ‘n Stuff”.  The histerical anti-hero will assume the role leading up to the theatrical release Deadpool 2, which is set to hit theaters nationwide on May 18th.


While Deadpool has absolutely zero experience in marketing anything other than himself, Espolòn feels he truly wants to develop cutting-edge consumer tactics that will help broaden the brand’s reach.


“I needed the money,” admitted Deadpool. “Plus, there is absolutely no reason why that Canadian gobstopper is getting all the glory. I’m a legit superhero. He’s just some guy who’s famous thanks to those two girls and that pizza place.”


Deadpool will bring his self-declared “creative genius” to a movie-themed ad campaign which he promised would be “all over the place… but in the good way.”  It is assumed he was referring to the breadth of the promotional campaign, which will include custom packaging, in-store displays, out-of-home, social media, and even a full-page ad in the New York Times on May 6th (we aren’t kidding).   


“We completely understand that Deadpool has no discernable skills as a creative director, but we have taken brave, bold chances with Espolòn marketing in the past, so what have we got to lose? said Christine Moll, Marketing Director – Tequilas and Rums for Campari America. “Nonetheless, Deadpool and his cinematic success have become a cultural phenomenon.  Partnering with him l is guaranteed to get attention for the brand in the most Espolòn way possible.”


Espolòn’s history as one of Campari Group’s most creatively daring spirits has made the brand a top seller in the US, growing +57.1% in 2017.  The first creative from Deadpool is anticipated to begin running in late April.  


“The first check from Espolòn cleared, so I guess this is happening.”  – Deadpool

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