By Jenny Block


Javi and Bubar Usman upped Houston’s sweet quotient this past weekend. They also made the food scene even more magical than usual. On March 9, 2019, they officially opened the Houston location of their Unicorn – Magical Dessert Bar. The found themselves inspired by their daughter’s love unicorns. So, the two opened the fanciful shop with offerings from cakes to donuts to milkshakes. “Everything has to be pink and unicornish,” Javi explains.


On the opening of their Dallas location there were lines of people out the door and down the city sidewalk. Fast forward to Houston and the same lines could be found. People soon began  traveling from all over the county to check out the magical offerings in Dallas. It will be interesting to see if the same happens at this new location.



It seems likely for sure with more than 13,000 people showing interest on Facebook in the March opening. No surprise really. People love dessert. People love unicorns. And people love a good photo opp. Unicorn – Magical Dessert Bar certainly has all of that covered on all counts.


Usman creates Dessert Bar’s recipes herself. She loves to bake and decorate and is a pastry chef by trade, in fact.  According to Usman, the most ordered items are the unicorn milk shake and the unicorn cake pop. But with so many glittery, colorful, and delicious menu items, it would be near impossible to go wrong with anything you might pick.


It will come as no surprise if Unicorn – Magical Dessert Bar takes off in Houston. But you’ll want to see – and taste – this place for yourself. Go ready to get your sweet on – and your wait on. It might take a little while to get in. But take the time to enjoy the Houston’s early Spring and know that it is sure to be well worth the wait.

Unicorn desserts

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