The bar has risen when it comes to the quality of Austin’s food delivery service and Tso Chinese food delivery is leading the way.  After eighteen months since their launch in Austin, Tso Chinese delivery service has become one of the most popular ways to order and enjoy lunch and dinner in Central Austin.

Tso’s easy to use platform offers delicious and quality Chinese delivery that’s always hot and fresh.  Their innovative system offers customers a menu that’s affordable without charging additional delivery fees or requesting tips for the drivers.   

“Twelve years ago, my wife, our executive chef Jenna and myself kind of accidentally stumbled upon the Chinese-American restaurant food concept, based on her boredom and my passion for business and entrepreneurship.” said co-founder Min Choe. “We combined forces, got in to the restaurant business and it was an instant success.”

“You can’t deny how much Americans love Chinese-American food, just like what I grew up eating, like General Tso’s Chicken, lo-mein dishes and sesame chicken dishes.  You can find small, mom and pop Chinese-American shops thriving almost anywhere like big cities and small towns, because Americans have so much love for Chinese food”.

Realizing the popularity of Chinese food, their next focus was to ensure that it would always be delicious, using recipes curated by executive chef Jenna Choe.  After several successful years in the restaurant business, the Tso team noticed the rising popularity of other delivery services exploding all over Austin and other major metropolitan cities.  He saw an opportunity for on-demand Chinese food delivery service and wondered why there wasn’t a concept like that in place.

“We spent a long time searching online, from coast to coast for an online Chinese food delivery service or online ordering platform and just never anything. Most mom and pop restaurants require you to call in just to place an order.  So after realizing there was an opportunity for this, we teamed up with some of our friends that have expertise in their field, like software development from our heavily experienced CTO Angell Tsang, business management, marketing from our Couple in the Kitchen team (Gavin and Karen), operations, HR/culture management from Eunice Tsang, and our passion for good food and created this concept.  Most simply put, it’s Chinese American food delivered in a very simple way, with minimal expenses and high quality.”

Min knew the quality of the food and the concept was good, but his primary concern was focused on keeping everything efficient, without errors in the order, cooking and delivery process.  This is where technology and software helps them. In fact, if you visit their platform, there’s only a few modifications per order you’re allowed to make. This is done for efficiency so that food can be cooked quickly and with better quality.

“Ninety percent of orders come during the two hours of lunch and two-three hours at dinner, so it’s really important that we’re able to process a lot of food very quickly and without errors.  The technology allows us to give more control to the consumer without a barrier of language of misunderstanding, like placing an inaccurate order or delivery address. This has helped us maintain very high customer satisfaction reviews.”

Over the next two or three years, Choe and his team have plans for expansion with up to ten locations in at least two markets, including Houston, Dallas or San Antonio.  With the entire concept developed to be hyper-simple, Choe aims to ensure that their business operations will an efficient well-oiled machine that can be ran in multiple locations.  Their long term goal is franchising and partnering with people that have a passion for running their own business, allowing for other locations around the country, making the Tso concept a household name.


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