As a college student at the University of Texas I realize how impossible it is to find food in this city for less than $10.  Living on a student budget often consists of debating whether it would be better to eat, or to pay for that scantron you need for your next test.  However, you lucky reader, are about to get the scoop on where you and your friends can dine like true Austinites, but still have enough quarters to do your laundry!


Banzai Sushi & Grill

Located across from Central Market, Banzai offers ridiculously fresh and authentic Japanese food in that cool and just-enough-hipster setting that you would imagine for a Japanese restaurant in Austin. Lunch and dinner specials are offered daily and I recommend the beef teriyaki combo, which includes miso soup, salad, a california roll, and an iced tea for $7.99.


This little Indian food restaurant is located right on the drag and if you haven’t noticed it before, you will now. Teri’s offers a huge menu that is super authentic in flavor. The Tandori Chicken is a favorite, but don’t be afraid to try something a little adventurous on their wonderfully expansive menu.

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Photo courtesy of Teji’s


The Upper Crust Bakery

An absolute Austin favorite, Upper Crust is the the best place in town for the perfect slice of cake or cinnamon roll. Every single pastry at Upper Crust tastes like it has been blessed by the flavor gods, and conveniently this place is not too far from campus. A coffee and danish is perfect for a mid-day snack, but Upper Crust also offers a lunch special under $7.

La Tazza Fresca

Calling all hipsters and coffee lovers, La Tazza Fresca is your new home! La Tazza Fresca has everything you could possibly want and need from a coffee shop. Wifi, check. Pastries, check. Tomato soup (yes this is essential), check. Unlimited latte flavor options (including cheesecake and s’mores), check!

Mary’s Pop Shop

Right on the outskirts of campus lies this little bitty coffee/popsicle shop that absolutely excited me the first time I stumbled upon it. Mary’s Pop Shop specializes in driving your sweet tooth crazy, so come in ready for a warm cappuccino, a insane waffle, and a cute Pinterest-worthy popsicle!

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