Review: Homeslice Pizza
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Flying under the radar is a bit of a task for Home Slice Pizza. Their hospitality, scrumptious New York slices and authenticity have earned them a solid reputation attracting throngs of Austinites and tourists alike. How can you not enjoy a place that hands out Smarties after all?

In under a decade, Home Slice Pizza has evolved into an Austin institution. Representing her youth Rochester and adult years in New York City, while simultaneously incorporating Texas’ hospitality, where Jen Strickland’s building blocks for the now legendary Home Slice Pizza, founded in 2005. Home Slice Pizza is about stellar customer service, good food and great wine and beer. No frills, just great conversation and even better experiences.

What to Eat

Authentically sized NYC pies dress paper plates, begging to be folded, wafting garlicky steam. Freshly baked dough scents the air from under the “In Crust we Trust” sign perfectly complementing the dark yellow, red and white circus-esque interior.  This is the Home Slice that everyone knows. Lesser known? Their attention to the stuff that washes down the pie: specifically, beer and wine. Their unique beverage program is designed and curated to compliment the food, enhancing the richness of certain cheeses and showcasing the robust flavor of Home Slice’s tomato sauce and meatballs.


Must order: Eggplant Pie and Sausage ricotta and roasted red pepper


Photo Credits: Courtney Pierce