Food is one of the great joys of life and is one of the primary ways we express our culture, background, and history. Being such a powerful expression of culture, savoring different flavors and culinary traditions makes for a great way to explore the world. Seeing the different food traditions around the world opens up a world of possibilities for travel and exploration. Through food travel, you can explore the history, culture, and agriculture of a region – and it makes for a fantastic opportunity to connect with the local population!

With the rising popularity of both foodie blogs and travel blogs, food travel offers an opportunity to test your skills as a writer and combine the two to show off the best food vacations to your community. Given that this hobby has become especially popular among young people, food travel offers a chance for a student to turn their personal experience into content worth sharing with others. With writing help such as EduBirdie’s services, even college students can combine their travel and university assignments. This can be a fantastic way of turning your love for food into a lucrative career!

For those who are interested in doing such research and writing an essay, blog, or book about culinary exploration, there are a number of must-see destinations to check out. Here’s a list of the best food vacations that every passionate foodie should have on their bucket list.



French Cheese

Paris, France

It’s no secret that the French capital is one of the world’s best cities for foodies. Paris has a rich tradition of high quality food, and is the heart of French culinary culture. The city’s reputation as a food destination has drawn in world-class chefs and hopeful innovators for hundreds of years. This long tradition makes Paris a wonderful location to combine historical sightseeing and culinary research.

Old cafés and bistros nestled among the winding streets of historic districts are the perfect opportunities to savour the best that the world-famous French cuisine has to offer. Passionate foodies should make sure to try a mix of innovative dishes, as well as the French classics like soupe à l’oignon and escargots.

Apart from the well-known dishes, Paris hosts several large food festivals every season, so one should definitely plan their holiday around French cuisine. Each May tourists can enjoy 8-meter strawberry pie at Beaulieu-sur-Dordogne’s Fête de la Fraise (Strawberry Festival); July is famous for its slurp oysters; November delights foodies with rootle for truffles in Vaucluse; and finally the winter season tempts everyone with Paris’s finest chocolate at the Salon du Chocolat.



New York Wine

New York City, USA

New York City is a dream destination for many and one of the best spots for out of the country vacations no matter where you’re from. The Big Apple truly is a world city that has something to offer everyone. New York’s history of immigration has produced a hub of international cuisine where visitors can savor flavors from every corner of the globe.

While checking out the museums and cultural centers that New York is famous for, visitors can explore the food of the world while also trying New York classics. Visitors should make sure to try New York’s classic offerings of coffee, bagels, and hot dogs, as well as familiarize themselves with the term “New York slice.”

New York always has a few special places to offer with special holiday food. A true bougie foodie can reserve a heated cabin on the roof deck of Pier 17 at the Seaport to dip sourdough in cheese fondue and drink hot buttered rum while enjoying the fireworks on the New Year’s Eve.



Japanese food

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is undeniably one of the best cities for foodies to visit. The Japanese capital is the best place in the world to savour the flavors of the land of the rising sun. Tokyo is a city where old meets new, and visitors can explore the rich history of Japan’s culinary tradition while soaking up a totally futuristic atmosphere. A food trip to Japan is your opportunity to try hundred-year-old recipes while being served by a robot waiter!

While Japanese holiday celebrations are a bit different from what we are used to, it’s a great chance to explore new culture for a season. Sweets in Japan are drastically different from the US ones. There are special Christmas treats that tourists can find in Tokyo cafes, for example, Yuzu, special citrus fruit served as a jelly cake, or Wagashi, traditional Japanese sweet made of red bean, mochi, rice and jelly. Quite a variety!



sam's boat crawfish

New Orleans, USA

New Orleans is famous within the USA for its rich mix of cultures. Afro-Caribbean flavors combined with French cooking traditions make for a city that’s home to a melting-pot of culinary tradition. The rich flavors of New Orleans are known across the world for being the epitome of soul food – and the perfect palate to fuel your exploration of one of the most diverse and exciting cities in the USA! The city itself is a perfect lesson in the magic of cultural fusion.

These are just a few of the must-see food destinations that every culinary fan should add to their travel plans. The world of food exploration is truly fascinating and an endless topic to write about, so go get started and see where the quest for new flavors takes you!

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