If you are a foodie like me, you may be wondering if you can use your passion as the basis for a lucrative career. Wonder no more – the food and hospitality industries offer dozens of job opportunities for those in love with food and gastronomy. Believe it or not, some of these careers do not involve working in a kitchen or restaurants. 

According to search results from job aggregator Jooble, these are the most in-demand jobs for food lovers to consider:


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Chef / Line Cook

It’s a no-brainer: if you love food and like cooking it, a career as a cook is definitely something to think about. Even if you have zero experience, you can enter the kitchen as an assistant cook and start building your career from there, since the demand for working hands is always high in restaurants everywhere. However, be advised – cooking jobs are all about long hours and considerable physical strain, which means that your chances of success depend entirely on how passionate and dedicated you are. And while you do not need a formal education to begin with, once you get the hang of the job and decide you love it, you should consider culinary school or at least some specialist courses, to widen your knowledge, hone your skills and ultimately turn you into an accomplished professional.


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Baker / Pastry Chef

If cakes, pastries, and desserts are your thing, a career as a pastry chef might seem like a good idea. But first, you need to realize that this job is a lot more complicated that it seems. With all the textures, colors, temperatures, measurements, and cooking techniques involved, it is much closer to science than the line cook position. Therefore, you will need to undertake some serious learning, to create a strong foundation for your baker or pastry chef career. However, once you start practicing this profession, you will find it very artful and rewarding.


Food Photographer

Food Photographer

Remember all those delicious-looking pictures of food that you were browsing through while placing your last restaurant delivery order? Most of them are the work of food photographers. They create and enhance photos of ingredients as well as dishes for restaurants, retailers, manufacturers, advertising agencies, stock photo websites, and many more. It might seem that taking pictures of food is simple enough, but nothing is farther from the truth – food photography has its own complicated rules, conventions, as well as tricks. These include using special lighting techniques, swapping natural ingredients for artificial substitutes that look better on camera, and many more. Needless to say, special training is required to get the best results and create the most appetizing shots.


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Food Blogger / Food Critic

This one is pretty much self-explanatory: food bloggers and critics write about ingredients, recipes, dishes, beverages, restaurants and generally about all kinds of food-related stuff. If you happen to be good with words and enjoy entertaining your readership, you should certainly give it a try – this occupation does not initially require any investments, aside from your free time. Plus, you can easily and productively combine being a food blogger and a food photographer. Once you get a decent online view count or, better yet, get published, you can start earning from ads and product placement or even get your restaurant meals for free.




Strictly speaking, this occupation is not as much about loving food, as it is about helping people consume it correctly and sustainably. A good nutritionist is part doctor, part menu designer, and part economist. As medical workers, nutritionists assess the health of their patients and create diets according to their needs. But while creating the menus for the diet, the nutritionist also takes several other factors into account – the client’s preferences and tastes, their eating habits and their budget. In this profession, you will get to make people happier and healthier on a daily basis.


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