Curtis Stone just released his cookware line and we couldn’t have nicer things to say about him! We had the chance to catch up with him after the release of his newest New York Times Bestseller “What’s For Dinner: Delicious Recipes for a Busy Life” and we reminisced about the shooting of his Austin Lifestyle Magazine Cover.

I remember doing this shoot and we’re in a parking lot at I think we might have stopped by a Dillard’s maybe and we’re in this parking lot and whoever took the photo was like ‘I’ll just get  it over here’ and then she sort of stood there,” Stone said of Becky Kittleman.

“She was like ‘mmm, it’s just all parking lot, just can you stand up on that little garden bed’ and I was like sure. So I sort of like stood up on this garden bed and she just went click click, ‘OK! Great thanks’ and I was like I thought you were shooting the cover?” he said with vivid memory of the shoot.

He continued saying, “You know that was just what I had on that day and we didn’t do any makeup or anything, it was just like in a parking lot and I thought that would never ever end up on the cover and then I was like ‘what a beautiful shot’, it’s so nicely composed.”

We enjoyed having him as our cover man and cannot wait to see what fantastic things are in store for Stone in the future. Stone, wife actress Lindsay Price and son Hudson currently reside in Los Angeles where Stone oversees restaurants in his hometown.