Burgers are world-famous, no doubt. Tracing back its history to centuries ago, now it’s a worldwide sensation. So much so that every country has its burger version with a local or native twist. Not only is it a symbol of fond memories (being one of the world’s beloved comfort food), but it also paves the way for cultural representation.


The different burgers of the world offer an awesome twist to cultural integration. Traveling the world gives burger lovers and enthusiasts the ability to enjoy their passion for burgers while at the same time knowing the culinary heritage of the cities they visit. It’s a cornucopia of both culture and gastronomy- a wonderful combination. 


World’s Colorful and Amusing Twists to the Burger:


Australia and New Zealand

Aussies and Kiwis have what they call “The Lot.” If the US has their burgers adorned with tomatoes, lettuce, and pickles, they have something different in the lands down under. This burger with an Aussie twist has beets, pineapple, bacon, and that mouth-watering and runny fried egg. This makes the burger distinctly from this side of the world. Everyone comes together enjoying the burger with a unique “Land down under” twist.


The Orient

The lands down under have their “The Lot,” well, not to be outdone, brethren from the orient has the “Rice Burger.” Instead of using the traditional burger bun, they use compacted rice patties. Aside from the usual meat, they use shrimp fritters, grilled pork, and seasoned beef strips. The rice patties give enough carbohydrates as a source of energy to keep them going for a busy day ahead. Just like the regular burger, the rice patty burgers are compact and very convenient to eat. It is ideal for those who are on the go.



Known for their love for vegetables, it is not shocking to have their burger twist- the vegetable burger. They also have chicken burgers (which is safe for both Hindus and Muslims). To locally adapt to the predominantly Hindu or Muslim population, even huge burger chains have included a vegetable burger or chicken burger in their menu. McDonald’s even has the “Maharaja Macs.” It’s the same as the Big Mac, only it uses two chicken patties instead of the usual beef. Such burger twists make it very popular among Indian burger lovers and enthusiasts. They go on with their usual busy day with a scrumptious burger, only one that highly suits their unique culture and tradition.



Their burger is aptly called the Beef sandwich. It’s almost the same as the usual beef burger, however, it is served with three different kinds of onions. The onions come in raw, grilled, and roasted. Other regions in Denmark also have the beef sandwich come with pickles, cabbage, beets, and some native gravy. Denmark’s beef sandwich gives a unique twist to the regular burger. The onions used give depth and a unique touch to the sandwich which makes for a good inspiration for a burger mix-in. 



They call it the Hamburguesas Mexicanas. Think of it as a fraternal twin of the US burger. They are similar, only Mexico’s burger has jalapeno and avocado slices as their toppings. Don’t be surprised to have the ketchup replaced with salsa instead. To keep up with the Hamburguesas Mexicanas’ “Mexicaness,” other Mexican ingredients are added. Anyway, it is Mexico so, “When in Mexico, do as Mexicans do.”


Burger Obsessed Cities

To be completely in sync with the travel theme, it is also quite interesting to point out the most burger obsessed cities in the world according to Booking.com. These cities are known to consume a good number of burgers in a given day. Also, the cities listed have different places which serve burgers with a twist. Having different burger varieties make them a top destination for burger lovers and enthusiasts alike.


Here are the cities whose love for burgers is ever-resounding:


Berlin, Germany

Athens, Greece

Belgrade, Serbia

Manchester, UK

New York City, USA

Barcelona, Spain

Thessaloniki, Greece

Minneapolis, USA

Ljubljana, Slovenia

Sitges, Spain

Sheffield, UK


These cities have some of the world-famous restaurants which serve the best burgers. They also have different local burger joints that are commonly visited by both locals and tourists alike. It can range from a roadside stall to a 5-star luxury and plush hotel. 


In closing

For what it’s worth, the best burger may be found within one’s neighborhood. Everyone has the right to claim that their burgers are the best. It can be the New York Minute Burgers in Deer Park or one that’s even homemade. All it takes is a good amount of creativity and resourcefulness. Then, the best burger in the world title may be achieved (even with just a small circle of influence).

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