Getting accepted into the most popular culinary school in the world (or one of them) can be challenging. However, if you start preparing ahead of time and make sure that you’re practicing, you are definitely on the right track.

Check out the best ones in the league and start preparing for success – but first, let’s find out why applying to culinary school might be one of the best decisions you’ve taken in a while.


Auguste Escoffier

Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts, USA

This school was named after Auguste Escoffier. It’s got two locations, one in Boulder Colorado, and the other one in Austin Texas. Their approach is farm-to-table, meaning this school teaches students to respect where the food comes from. Learning this is highly important for any newbie.


Le Cordon Bleu

Le Cordon Bleu, Paris, France

This culinary school is one of the best in French – it is renowned for its cuisine. The school has five campuses in France, UK, Canada, Thailand, and Australia, so students can pick whichever option works best for them. Le Cordon Bleu offers a wide range of disciplines including pastry and confectionery, world cuisine, hospitality management, wine & spirits, and a lot more. Check out their website to find out more – and make sure you practice your cooking if you want to get into this one.


Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland

Culinary Arts Academy, Switzerland

You must know that the Culinary Arts Academy has a highly selective admissions process; only 300 students total get accepted each year on the school’s two campuses. Degree options include a bachelor’s degree in Culinary Arts, Swiss Grand Diploma in Culinary Arts, Swiss Grand Diploma in Pastry and Chocolate Arts, or a Diploma in Vegetarian Culinary Arts. Most of these classes started mid-2020 but you’ll qualify for the next session. The school takes a modern approach to culinary trends, which might be extravagant but it’s absolutely outstanding.


Culinary School

Apicius, Italy

This school was founded in 1997 as the first international school of hospitality in Italy. It is located in Florence and its studies are mostly focused on lectures, workshops, and seminars. Apicius in Italy is known as “The American University in Florence,” because students can transfer any coursework to a US bachelor’s degree program. This might be the perfect place for you if you’re looking to study internationally.



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Culinary Institute of America, USA

The Culinary Institute of America or CIA (funny, right?) opened in 1946 in downtown New Haven, CT. Now, the school’s got multiple campuses including Singapore, Napa Valley, NY, and San Antonio. CIA has 2- and 4-year degree programs available for students worldwide – and you should know that Anthony Bourdain is a famous celebrity who graduated from CIA.


sushi chef

Hattori Nutrition College, Japan

This is one of the best culinary schools in Asia. Hattori was established in 1939 with the aim of helping people learn how to live on a healthy diet. The school has a relatively minor international student body.


Westminster Kingsway College, London, UK

WKC is Located in London and started back in 1909 – a long, long time ago. The school offers classes for teens wanting to get into their careers early and classes for adults wanting a career change. A famous celebrity who graduated from Westminster is the famous chef, Jamie Oliver.


Why Should I Apply to Culinary School?

  • Learn how to cook well. Cooking is an art and learning how to do it in the right environment is a must if you want to excel.
  • Get access to a comprehensive education. You will have to write essays and assignment papers on cooking-related topics, which is helpful for any student. To study the course, any course – and finish it – you’ll have to have basic knowledge of the topic at hand. You will have numerous exams and tests to help you learn faster. If you’re already in school and might run out of time, you can always chat with an expert assignment writer and get a quote on their work. They might be able to help you out with an outline for your essay or proofread your text.
  • Get access to more career opportunities. You will be learning from the best, so your career opportunities will automatically enlarge.

How to Prepare for Culinary School

If you want to get in, you’ve got to prepare as soon as possible. The best culinary schools are not playing around; they’re literally the best in the field, so they won’t wait for your application. You’ve got to start preparing for your exams. But before that, check this out.

  • You’ve got to test your technique. Yes, you must already know the basics of cooking, but how good are your overall kitchen skills? Design your kitchen to make it look like a professional training station. Study the metric system, invest in professional equipment, and start visualizing your recipes.
  • Learn the kitchen terms! You cannot apply for a program at the best school in your country and have no idea what an Executive Chef or a Sous Chef is. Also, learn your sauces – bechamel, velouté, espagnole, hollandaise, and classic tomato. Know how to cook them and know your tools.
  • Food safety 101 is another important chapter to prepare from before applying. Some ground rules – don’t leave dairy foods or meat at room temperature, keep your refrigerator above 41 degrees Fahrenheit, and don’t keep perishable food at temperatures lower than 45 or more than 135 degrees Fahrenheit.

Whether you’re ready to apply for the best culinary schools in the world or not, make sure you keep cooking. Cook at home, cook during your free time, cook for a living, cook for fun. No matter what you do, cook! And good luck, you will nail your exams and get in!

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Paul Calderon is a music enthusiast and freelance writer. He works with students worldwide to help them prepare for their last-minute exams. In his free time, Paul works on writing his own book.