If this period of social distancing has taught us anything, it’s how lucky we’ve been to have easy access to the food we love to eat in Austin. Unfortunately, things have now changed and that means the market needs to change as well. Fortunately, we have people like John and Kendall Antonelli to help us through this transition.


They are the minds behind Austin favorite, Antonelli’s Cheese Shop. The grocer opened 10 years ago and are now offering something they never thought they would need to do, “virtual cheesemonger” sessions, with Cheesemonger Live.


During these virtual appointments, customers may do a live video conference with one of their cheesemongers. They will walk you through the store and provide that personal shopping experience that social distancing has taken away from us. “You can stay comfortably in your chair, or bed, and still get a peek into our case, see the most up-to-date offerings, and work one-on-one with your own dedicated cheesemonger,” says John Antonelli, Co-Founder of Antonelli’s Cheese Shop. “It’s a way to hear from a monger on what’s tasting best, what’s new, and what’s exciting”.


This new avenue allows the shop to continue their operations and give clients an inside look at their product without stepping inside. Thankfully the store is allowed to remain open amid the city’s closure of restaurants because it is a grocer.


The shop is also hosting a virtual cheese class this Friday, March 20th. It’s much like their in-person classes, which include cheese and other products that complement your tasting. You can sign up online for the class and pick up your cheese tasting on Friday before joining a lesson on Facebook live.


The appointment slots for both the class and Cheeesemonger Live sessions are available on the store’s website antonellischeese.com. The Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is located at 4220 Duval St. in Central Austin.

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