Culinaria 2015: Burgers, BBQ & Beer

Does anything pair better than a big, juicy burger and an ice cold brew on a hot day?  Of course not, so thats why we attended the Burgers, BBQ and Beer, the final big event at this year’s Culinaria Food and Wine Festival in San Antonio.

The Burgers

Several of San Antonio’s hottest chefs brought their A-game and hot grills as they cooked up thousands of burgers and bites for the hundreds of people in attendance.  Restaurants like Cured, Luke, Earth Burger, Arcade, and Jason Dady’s Two Bros. BBQ Market were all in the proverbial spotlight, showing off their version of the perfect burger slider.  Most of the bites included burgers, but also included other BBQ bites, smoked hotdogs with pineapple and bacon, and even stuff jalapeno poppers wrapped with bacon.

The Beer & Wine

What’s the enjoyment of a great burger and BBQ without an ice cold refreshing beer? Local beer was on full display along with enough wine to make you feel like you’re floating down road in the flood waters from the morning thunderstorm.  Vendors from HEB and Miller Lite were on hand serving up cold pours to wash down the grub.


Best Burger

The Concha Burger from The Old Main in San Antonio.  Imagine for a moment, a sweet mexican style pastry with powdered sugar, with a juicy beef patty, bacon, lettuce and special sauce.




Best BBQ Bites

Jason Dady’s Smoked Beef, pineapple and bacon hot dog.  It’s absolutely as good as it looks!




Shrimp and Chicken Stuffed Jalapeno Poppers




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