Ahh! Summer in Austin.  Truth be told, it’s really hot, humid and sticky out there.  If you’re originally from Texas, you’re used to it and you might even love it!  No matter how familiar you are to the infamous Texas heat, you’ll be looking to cool down with an ice cold beverage.  Summers in Austin are special for many reasons, but we’re especially excited for one very special reason.  It’s Snow Cone season!

Snow cones are made of shaved ice using a special machine that shaves the ice in to the cup filling it with smooth, snow-like ice making it easier to enjoy while the sweet flavors of syrup and toppings melt in your mouth.  They’re especially tasty because you can add almost anything you want on top enhance the tasty experience.  You can actually go beyond the simple syrup and get creative with toppings like whipped cream, ice cream, coconut flakes, chocolate or caramel sauce, and even fresh fruit chunks can make this special treat something truly special.

We toured the entire city, stopping at our favorite shaved ice hot-spots to find the best flavors and concoctions Austin has to offer.

 Casey’s New Orleans Snowballs

Casey's Snowballs

Serving up flavorful frosty treats since 1996, Casey’s is was founded by Suzy Casey Gallagher and Kit Thompson of Metarie, Louisiana. Each of their 60 flavors is made with simple syrup cooked in-house. Ice cold and pleasantly smooth, each flavor delivers unbelievable taste and not to be consumed in moderation. Each serving is considerably generous so be prepared for a wonderful sugar rush!

Our Favorites: Classic Rainbow, Strawberry with Ice Cream and whipped cream topping, Boston Cream Pie

Sweet Caroline’s Snow Balls

Sweet Caroline's

13497 Highway 183 N @ Anderson Mill Rd

Light, fine and fluffy; a vivid divergence from a chunky, crushed ice snow cone.  Sweet Caroline’s famous SnoWizard machine creates perfect soft ice, absorbing the flavored syrup providing an impeccable blend that becomes downright addicting!

Our Favorites:  The Sweet Caroline and The Keep Austin Weird!



801 Barton Springs Rd. Austin, TX 78704 

Supposedly this is the most popular snow ball spot in all of Austin and judging from the crowd, the rumors were true.  We stood in a long (and hot) line waiting patiently for the refreshing taste of the infamous Austin snowball.  Despite the high summer temperatures, the long lines move quickly at Sno-Beach.  Getting to the end is worth the wait, and worth the hype!

Our Favorites:  Half Tigers Blood and half Wedding Cake.  Kids favorite is Rainbow, wild cherry, lemon and blue raspberry.

Jim Jim’s Water Ice

Jim Jim's Water Ice

615-A. East 6th Street

I first heard about Jim Jim’s Water Ice last summer through a series of radio ads.  Jim Jim’s has a unbelievably smooth finish unlike any other snow ball in the city.  It’s smoothness is derived from Italian Water-Ice, a legendary summertime treat based out of Philadelphia.  Similar to Italian gelato, it is a water-based product made with real fruit ingredients blended in super fine ice, forming a velvety smooth texture that easily melts in your mouth bursting with fresh flavor.  Even better, it contains no fat, and no cholesterol making it the perfect frosty treat of the summer. 

Our Favorites:  A trio mix of Passion Fruit, Mango and Strawberry Lemonade.  Simply perfecto!

Kawaii Shaved Ice

Kawaiian Ice

113 N Mays St – Round Rock, TX 78664

Found on North Mays Street, in downtown Round Rock, Kawaii‘s Shaved Ice is a cool break from the Texas summer heat. With delicious and unique flavor combinations like the Maui-Wowie (Strawberry, Mango, Watermelon) and the Mango Chile Chamoy, flavors are plentiful and nearly endless making it the hottest frosty spot in Round Rock.  

Our FavoriteMango Chile Chamoy



Frozen Rickshaw

Frozen Rickshaw

502 West 30th street (next to the Burlap Bag).

 Mochi Ice Cream is a Japanese pastry made with a soft fluffy dough made from sticky rice, filled with assorted ice cream flavors.  Mochi is popular all over Asia, Hawaii, and is starting to become popular in Western culture.
Our Favorites: It is at no surprise that the Strawberry Passion Fruit Mochi is a crowd favorite at Frozen Rickshaw! The mix of sweet strawberries and tangy tart passion fruit result in an explosion of refreshing flavors.

 Snow Monster

Snow Monster

11220 N Lamar Blvd B275, Austin, TX 78753

RAAAWWWRRR!!!  Don’t worry, a real Snow Monster isn’t so scary!  It’s actually a dessert that is hands down the lightest, fluffiest, snowiest frosty treat in all of Austin with a style much different than the traditional New Orleans style snow ball. The Snow Monster is a cross between ice cream and shaved ice, served as a mountain of flavored snow, drizzled with sauce and fruit.  The result is a silky smooth finish unlike any other you’ll experience in town.  The dessert is very popular in most Asian countries and Hawaii and is quickly becoming popular in the United States.  You can easily share this treat with your friends or family because the Snow Monster is served in a dish big enough for 2-3 people to enjoy

Our Favorite: Mango Snow Ice topped with mango chunks, drizzled with mango sauce.  You will thank us later!




Amy Drohen (Frozen Rickshaw)

Natalie Jack (Sno-Beach)

Taylor Butler (Kawaii’s) 

Hayden Walker (Casey’s, Sweet Caroline, Jim Jim’s, Snow Monster)

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