You’re about to marry your sweetheart. So, everything seems to be in order. The church service. The guests. The invites. The reception… Wait! Did you forget about the reception? Or perhaps you haven’t found the right cocktail for such an occasion?

If this sounds like you, then fear not! We’ve got you covered with 5 cocktail ideas that will make your wedding reception spectacular! Whether you’re into the classics, or want a little pizzazz in your brew, these cocktails will be sure to please you and your guests!

Read on!


Berry Rose Mojito

Berry Rose Mojito

Source: Lidl 

“The berry rose mojito is a popular drink for those who love flowers, especially roses,” says Gertrude Bright, a lifestyle writer at Elite assignment help and OX Essays. “With its exquisite rose color, along with berries like blueberry and raspberry, the cocktail gives off a unique vibe in your wedding reception. You can also add lime and mint to your brew, which compliments really well with the main ingredient – the sparkling rosé.”

This cocktail is ideal for either spring or summer wedding celebrations, since berries and colorful vibes are involved. So, if you’re in the mood for exquisite colors at your reception, then the berry rose mojito is your go-to drink!


Rhubarb-Raspberry Fizz

Rhubarb-Raspberry Fizz

Source: MyRecipes 

Want something sweet for your wedding? Then look no further than the Rhubarb-Raspberry Fizz!

Who knew that rhubarbs can be an amazing ingredient for a cocktail? This sugary concoction features a friendly mixture of rhubarb, raspberries, and vanilla bean. Then, the mixture gets a loving dose of champagne, which ties everything together to create a wonderful drink to serve to your guests. 

For all the sweet tooths at your wedding reception, this cocktail is ideal!


Elderflower White Cosmopolitan

Elderflower White Cosmopolitan

Source: Williams Sonoma 

Want something more elegant for your wedding? Then consider the Elderflower White Cosmopolitan!

This cocktail is a classic nod to traditionally served drinks for weddings. However, this drink offers a contemporary vibe, since flowers are involved – though not in the way that you would expect.

Of course, flower petals would be incorporated once the concoction is made; however, the real magic starts when you add a dash of elderflower syrup to the brew. Essentially, the classic Cosmopolitan is transformed by the elderflower syrup, and then garnished with lovely petals. 

So, you see, the Elderflower White Cosmopolitan offers a chic yet contemporary gesture to your wedding reception.


Caribbean Mist

Caribbean Mist

Source: Mix That Drink 

“This crystal blue cocktail is ideal for couples marrying during the summer,” says Harry Bevenfield, a hospitality blogger at State of writing and Revieweal. “Essentially, you’re combining mango rum with fabulous ingredients such as soda water and pineapple juice. However, let’s not forget the essential ingredient which gives the cocktail its unique color – blue curacoa. Afterwards, you can garnish your cocktail with either a pineapple slice, a cherry, or both, if you’d like to impress some of your most adventurous guests.”

In short, the Caribbean Mist is ideal for those celebrating a tropical-themed wedding. A summer wedding truly needs a summer cocktail, of which the Caribbean Mist would happily oblige.


Espresso Martini

Espresso Martini

Source: Punch 

Who said that coffee had to be for mornings only? In fact, coffee is great on almost any occasion, including weddings!

For those looking for their coffee buzz, the Espresso Martini is a great cocktail for them. Essentially, this Martini incorporates the flavors of Espresso with the familiar taste of a simple Martini. And, if you’d like, you can garnish your reinvented “Espresso” with a couple of coffee beans. Just don’t forget to add the signature coffee foam from what you might get from a traditional Espresso.

A great pick me up for coffee lovers, and a fabulous drink for your wedding reception!


Classic Martini

BONUS: The Classic Martini

Source: BBC Good Food 

Finally, let’s not forget the classic Martini!

It’s very simple to make, and it’s still a winning cocktail at wedding receptions. From its classic brew to the traditional garnish – olives, the Martini still passes the test of time with its genuine appeal and great taste. 



So, there you have it!

If you would like your wedding reception to be spontaneous when it comes to your brew, then look no further than these 5 great cocktail ideas (including the bonus)! Whether you opt for one of these beverage beauties – or more than one, depending on your wedding theme – you’ll be sure to please everyone at your reception!

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