Perry’s Restaurants is developing their newest restaurant and bar concept, VERDAD True Modern Mexican, coming to Austin in summer 2023. VERDAD will join its sister concept, CARVE American Grille, at The Grove, a dynamic mixed-use community located at 45th and Bull Creek in the heart of Central Austin.

VERDAD – which translates to “truth” – will pull from traditions cultivated throughout Mexican history to authentically capture and appreciate the relationship between the past and the present. Providing an elevated Mexican experience from a modern steakhouse perspective, VERDAD will offer a twist on classics including tableside Wagyu filet asada cooked on a salt block, balsamic roasted duck timbale with cherry mole and a charred NY strip chile relleno.

Partnering with renowned restaurant design group Aria Group Architects to design a modern 10,312-square-foot space, VERDAD is inspired by Mayan, Aztec and Spanish culture, and grounded in six unique concepts: the woven history of ancient and modern elements; displaying a refined representation of modern tradition; utilizing natural connections through the materials; creating tactile moments by layering textures and experiences; using handmade details creating crafted luxury; and using strokes of vivid colors and ornate patterns to embody bold simplicity within the space.

Verdad Main Bar View - Terrazzo Floral Option

VERDAD worked to incorporate these fundamentals across the dining and bar spaces. The host stand greets guests with natural wood, intricate tiles, plants and bold colors separating the entrance from the main dining room and bar. VERDAD’s dining space seats 92 at natural wood tables and banquettes in bold colors and patterns. Three private dining rooms are separated by glass walls, allowing the space to feel open and inviting while maintaining privacy from the main dining area with floor-to-ceiling curtains. This open concept leads out to the two patios with live plants and shaded tables, honoring the early ideology of indoor-outdoor spaces in Mexican culture.

Back inside, the bar floor pays homage to Mexican embroidery techniques with a bold, floral pattern in terrazzo aggregates. Breeze blocks brightly display a tequila collection that separates the bar and the tequila tasting table, which acts as a sobremesa, a cherished practice of long talks at the end of a meal accompanied by tequila. Here, guests can experience firsthand the variety of illustrious tequila brands on VERDAD’s menu.