Selecting an optimal movie snack is just as important as selecting the perfect show you’ll spend watching for the next 12 hours of your life.  If you’re going to stuff your face with calories, at least do it properly.


With the threat of the Coronavirus forcing us to practice strict social distancing standards, most of us will be looking for ways to entertain ourselves.  We finally have a valid reason to Netflix and binge on our favorite shows and food.  Watching shows like Better Call Saul will be one of many shows viewers select to pass the time.


lalo salamanca - better call saul


In Season 4 of Better Call Saul, viewers were introduced to Lalo Talamanca (Tony Dalton), nephew of cartel boss Hector Salamanca, who is cheerfully preparing a pair of his specialty tacos in the kitchen at El Michoacáno, the restaurant where Nacho collects payments from drug dealers.  While confronting Nacho – another man character – who is instantly intimidated by Lalo, he explains that he’s arrived to observe the business to ensure everything continues to run smoothly.


Despite Lalo’s sadistically playful and funny approach, the scene offers a lot of tension which suggests what may come in future episodes.  His mysterious and observant nature makes him unpredictable and dangerous, which will most likely lead to a graphic violence, just as his uncle and cousins have portrayed in Breaking Bad and previous episodes of Better Call Saul.  Even making a meal feels dangerous when Lalo Salamanca is in the kitchen.


Better Call Saul Season 5 is available on the AMC TV Network.  Catch new episodes on Monday nights at 8pm CST.



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