Launched in over 130 HEB stores in March of this year, Greenbelt Kombucha is the hand crafted collaboration of Austin entrepreneurs Gavin Booth, Adam Blumenshein, Tim Klatt and Nathan Klatt, and Rick Boucard of Barrel Creek Provisions. With a retail price of just $2 per can, their new canned craft kombucha is the first of it’s kind to be developed in the south, setting a delightful spin on the artisanal drink and soft drink market in Texas.

Compared to other kombucha products in the market, Greenbelt contains less lactic acid and that noticeable funky vinegary flavor that most probably despise in other brands. It’s crafted with some of the finest premium teas available in the world, with ingredients such as Royal Pu-erh, White Peony, Rooibos, and Yerba Mate.

Each tea selection is steeped with high-quality freeze dried fruit during the fermentation process, all while avoiding any additional sugars and fruit juices during production. The production method, combined with the gut-healthy probiotics gives Greenbelt a healthier edge on taste and the lasting benefits that has made kombucha such a popular soft drink.

“When we created Greenbelt, we set lofty goals for ourselves because as a company it wasn’t enough to just strive for the best quality kombucha on the shelves.  Through years of testing we were also able to get our craft kombucha in a can which helps us provide it to consumers at an affordable price fit for any budget. Everyone should have access to affordable tasty health food.”

– Gavin Booth Co-Founder
greenbelt kombucha

Greenbelt Kombucha produces their entire line with each can at only 40 calories offered in four flavors.  Flavors include Peach Blossom white tea, Blood Orange yerba mate, Strawberry Fields rooibos tea, and Hibiscus Berry black tea, each delivering a low sugar, low calorie, and perfectly balanced flavor profile.

The creators of Greenbelt Kombucha are as respectful of the sustainability of the environment as they are on the overall quality and taste of their product. The kombucha is brewed using 100% wind energy, and each can is recyclable, making it one of the cornerstone highlights of their product.

greenbelt kombucha

“The name Greenbelt Craft Kombucha strives from our team’s love of Texas greenbelts.  Anyone that hikes any trail or greenbelt surely knows that there are a ton of signs saying that glass bottles are not only not allowed, but you will be fined if you are caught hiking with one. There’s nothing better than being the first major southern kombucha that you can take anywhere without any worry, from the greenbelt to any public pool.”

Gavin Booth Co-Founder

Cans of Greenbelt Kombucha can be found in the refrigerated sections for $2 each throughout hundreds of HEB and Wal-Mart locations throughout Texas.