Local açaí cafe and women-owned Blenders & Bowls has expanded into the CPG arena, with a new line of ready-to-scoop, pre-blended frozen smoothie bowls, which is available in pints and in 6 oz sizes are now available nationwide in over 450 grocery stores, including 121 H-E-Bs and will be launching in Whole Foods across Texas in May.  


The Blenders & Bowls ready to eat smoothie bowl comes in four flavors, including The O.G: acai, strawberry, banana; The Sesher: acai, peanut butter, and cacao; The Sunny: mango, pineapple, banana; and The Magic Dragon: dragonfruit, pineapple, mango.  All of the ready to eat smoothie bowl products come in pint sizes, and 6 oz smoothie bowls topped with gluten-free granola for a complete meal on the go.  All products are gluten-free, vegan and dairy-free, and have no processed sugar. 


Find Blenders & Bowls scoopable smoothie pints and 6 oz bowls at a grocery store near you at their online product locator: www.blendersandbowls.com/pages/locator. Blenders & Bowls is projecting to clear $1.1M in total sales in their first year, after raising capital through multiple outlets, including being chosen as a top product in the SKU 8 Track accelerator program and raising funding through local women entrepreneur-supporting Beam Network. Online ordering with nationwide shipping is available at www.blendersandbowls.com


The new line of Blenders & Bowls scoopable smoothie bowl products is also available to order online and ship nationwide at www.blendersandbowls.com.   Find more product info at, www.blendersandbowls.com and follow Blenders & Bowls on social media at @blendersandbowls