Aching to relive your Spanish holiday?  Wishing you could go back to the charming cities or spend time in the beautiful mountains or sunbathe on the beaches of the Costa Del Sol?  You may not be able to travel right now, but you can bring a taste of Spain back into your life. How? Spanish cuisine. 


Spain is well-known for many delicious dishes that are sure to bring back those good holiday memories.  Below are 7 of the most popular dishes that you can easily recreate. 



Paella comes from the beautiful city of Valencia. “It’s a Spanish rice dish that uses a distinct type of rounded rice” says Heather Knight, a food blogger at Essayroo and OXEssays. The Muslim populations of Spain first introduced the country to rice in the tenth century however, it wasn’t until the 19th century that the recipe we now know as paella became popular. There are two main varieties, Paella Valenciana, made with chicken and rabbit, and Paella de marisco, or seafood paella. 




Spanish TortillaSpanish Tortilla

Spanish tortillas or Spanish omelettes as it has been described by some Spanish friends are a staple in Spanish diets. It is easy to make, it has few ingredients that can be changed around to suit personal tastes and can be enjoyed hot or cold. Potatoes are diced and cubed, and fried off in oil in a pan, with or without onions and garlic. Once cooked, add them to whisked eggs, and grill in a pan on both sides. Delicious!





Another famous Spanish dish, this soup is served cold as opposed to hot. It is perfect to combat the hot summer sun, as temperatures can soar in the hot summer days. It is traditionally made from local vegetables, but tomatoes are a staple in this recipe as well as peppers and garlic. 




Spanish Tapas


Visiting a tapas bar is highly recommended in the country. Tapas are small snacks and appetizers. Common tapas include pimientos de Padron, a green pepper that is fried and served salt, fried prawns, battered squid and olives. 

The tradition of tapas began in the 18th century when travelers would stop at inns and the owners wished to serve food. No one could speak the same language or read, so the owners would bring out small selections of what they could offer visitors and thus tapas were born.





You won’t travel far in Spain without seeing these delicious Spanish almost sub-like sandwiches in the window of a bakery. Bocadillos have been eaten for centuries in Spain. They were traditionally a simple, cheap meal that even the poorest Spanish citizen could eat with relative ease. The thick, delicious Spanish bread, which is much like a French baguette, is split lengthways and the fillings are endless, from ham or salami and cheese to countless other varieties. You can eat them cold or have them baked to perfection. 




Natillas de lecheNatillas de leche

There is nothing like a good Spanish dessert after a great meal. Natillas de Leche is a Spanish egg custard and is a favourite after-dinner treat.  It is usually infused with vanilla, which gives the sugary confection its yellowy color. It is also common to add cinnamon and lemon to enhance the sweetness of this comforting and rich dessert.




Stella San Jac Brunch by Hayden Walker


If you are longing for a breakfast danish or sweet breakfast treat, then churros are what you are looking for. It is thought that churros originate from Portugal, when they brought the sweet treat back from China. 

“Churros are made of dough that is twisted and then deep -fried” says Reginald Silvia, a writer at State Of Writing and Lia Help. They are traditionally served with delicious dips like hot chocolate, dulce de leche, and caramel. There are many street vendors which will make churros for you at all times of the day. 

These are some of the most well-known Spanish dishes. They originated in Spain, but a lot of these dishes have made their way to Mexico, and in turn can be found in the southwestern United States in places like Austin. All of these dishes are scrumptious and can be enjoyed in Spain, as well as at home.



Lauren Groff is a food writer at Assignment Service and Academized. She writes about world cuisine. She is also a contributor at College Paper writing service.