Most people already know, drinking sugary soda is bad for your health.  Not only is it loaded with tons of sugar and calories, it’s loaded with tons of acid! In fact, according to health experts, pH levels in some of our favorite carbonated soft drinks is about 2.5%, which means it’s loaded with acid in colas and other sodas, and it’s causing serious health issues.

There’s dozens of health reasons for you to stay away from soda. Studies say phosphoric acid inhibits the action of sugar ten minutes after drinking soda, not to mention dozens of other health related issues you’ll receive after consumption. Not only is it bad for your body, it’s bad for the enamel of your teeth as well, making them more susceptible to decay.

We realize this may be a tough habit for some to kick, and some things are okay in moderation. But if you’re looking to wipe soda completely out of your diet, we found about 10 different ways to use the sizzling carbonated drink bomb instead of drinking it.


Clean Your Home




  • Cleaning burned cooking pans – place a dirty pan in soda and leave it there for 5 minutes, then pour hot water on it and apply scrubbing pressure.
  • Remove grease and blood stains from clothes and fabrics.
  • Use it to kill snails and slugs.
  • It can remove blood stains from clothes and fabric.
  • Clean old metal coins.  Soaking old metal coins in soda it will remove the tarnish.
  • Remove gum from your hair.
  • Clean oil stains from the floor.
  • Cleaning battery acid from your car battery.
  • Use 2 liters to clear the rust from a dirty pool.
  • Clean your toilet – pour it in, wait a few minutes, then rinse.
  • Remove stains from your carpet – pour, scrub, then clean with soapy water.
  • Clean dirty grout from the tile of your floor.
  • Clean out dye from your hair
  • Remove stains from old china and silverware.
  • Strip paint off metal furniture – soak a towel in soda and laying it on the surface.