Texas Sushiko, Austin’s first sushi food truck serving omakase quality open-faced hand rolls, has officially opened at the St. Elmo Yard outside of the Texas Sake Company tasting room. Executive Chef Michael Carranza and pastry chef Danielle Martinez, who both started the in-home omakase service, Tare, will lead the new food truck offering an accessible form of omakase sushi that doesn’t need reservation months in advance.

Michael’s whose background includes top sushi restaurants like Uchi, Musashino, and Minamoto, along with Danielle who grew up in south Texas, fell in love with sushi when they moved to Austin. Since raw fish wasn’t very popular in their south Texas households, they decidedly made their sushi more approachable by offering his family open-face sushi hand rolls in the shape of a taco.

This quirky new sushi style is now available at the Texas Sushiko food truck outside of Texas Sake, Thursday through Sunday.


Texas Sushiko

What To Order:

●  King crab handroll, lightly poached in butter and topped with fresh truffles

●  Fatty bluefin tuna hand roll with seasonal ingredients

●  Sous vide and grilled pork belly hand roll with kimchi

●  Caviar & Pringles


Texas Sushiko is located at 440 E St Elmo Rd, Austin, TX 78745 (Located in the Yard outside of Texas Sake), open from 4-10 pm Thursday – Saturday; and 12p – 5p on Sunday.